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Mind Games

    If you can ace calibration, tehn 2.7K


      Dear doto fanguys pls predict me now !


        Lel I bet none of you have experienced the real tryhard of sea doto.

        Mind Games

          Are you trying to be me, insolent SEAmonkey?


            Predict mine pls. been using zeus and think im gonna cough blood soon if i continue zeus


              Can this thread just be locked because I keep visiting it and I think my head is going to explode. It isn't difficult kids...

              All Normal is less than 3k

              Mix Normal/High 3k-3.4k

              All High is 3.4k-3.7k

              Mix High/Very High is 3.7k-4.1k

              All Very High is >4.1k

              EDIT: have you turned html on? nothing between a lesser than and greater than sign gets displayed

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                Predict Mine please ;)


                  Ok rocket guess mine




                      @chinese nickname

                      6k point smthng, i guess

                      divene rapiar

                        hey guys plz predict mine. I'd really like to know. I think it'll be lower than i expect because i didnt have too hot of a start but i have been doing well lately

                        Sei la

                          I'm curious about how you guys do your prediction, and would love to know a little about it. Predict me, plz


                            read rocket's comment above, it doesnt include everything, but tells the most important.

                            what u want is "guess" and not "predict" tho. id say your mmr is in between 3.9 and 4.2.

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                              below 3k, hard to tell precisely

                              Comrade Squirrel

                                Wonder if any1 can predict mine ^^


                                  5ks, depending on the amount of party games uve played. the sum of two mmrs should be ~10.5kk.

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                                  Comrade Squirrel

                                    Really close(5.1 respectively 4.8), I thought it would be harder to judge since I play on supps almost exclusively :D

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                                    A Street Sweeper

                                      @rocket I predict an Aussie or a Scot. I don't think I've ever heard the word numpty used by anyone else.


                                        3.6K MMR

                                        Bowl & Basket: A Shoprite...

                                          Predict my mmr :)


                                            Maybe you should stick this thread to the top?


                                              4100 max.I got 4860 from 4-5 kda and a 61 % winrate


                                                *Guess my MMR :D

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                                                  so many ppl fail to understand english


                                                    ^ just like me
                                                    fuck i'm doing an english course for b2 english and all these tenses and their rules that we didn't learn fuck me up

                                                    like i've read a ton of texts and have the feeling that helps me but i have 0 idea about the rules, i just feel like it
                                                    and here on the internet i create sentences like a retarded child would do


                                                      apparently "ayy lmao" is not considered as an ultimately correct answer for anything


                                                        Predict mine


                                                          THIS WAS MEANT TO BE A THREAD SMURFS, NOT A GAME


                                                            Predict my MMR =)


                                                              predict mine pls

                                                              Pale Mannie

                                                                i just wanted this thread to the first page...
                                                                people starting again to post this "predict me MMR pls" shit


                                                                  @evolution, nyamugg
                                                                  u missundferstood this thread's point. its not a guessing game for those ones who already calibrated or a way to show off ur e penis.


                                                                    I wouldn't mind if someone guessed mine.


                                                                      u r vey deep in normal skill and i cant rly say whether it is 1k. something or 2k.something


                                                                        Can i haz a predikte?


                                                                          If I do those TBDs it'll probably come out somewhere between 1.5-1.8k. But thanks!


                                                                            Pls predict my MMR i think that my negative win rate will make it a bit interesting, Thx


                                                                              How about we make it those chained "Predict MMR of the guy above you"; everyone is just asking for predictions now lol
                                                                              Perhaps make it "Predict the MMR of 3 guys above you" for more predictions.


                                                                                @Arima kishou
                                                                                Look about 3.6k- 4k


                                                                                  lots of matchs in all skill levels i think that you are hovering at around 3k

                                                                                  Almighty AdeN

                                                                                    ^ definitely around 3.8k ~ 4k
                                                                                    lots of normal matches, its as if yorue taking care of it


                                                                                      no trieplesteal i understand. lmao.


                                                                                        Guess my mmr!


                                                                                          @neko~ 3,2k?


                                                                                            predict mine pls :D


                                                                                              Predict my MMR


                                                                                                I only have 41 matches. Anyone able to predict my mmr? And by assuming you predict by the normal high skill and vhs percentage, does it mean that if i keep increasing my vhs match percentage, it will also increasing my mmr despite of the winrate? Thanks!

                                                                                                Proto | 改善

                                                                                                  predict my mmr :D


                                                                                                    Predict my mmr

                                                                                                    comfwew lad

                                                                                                      id say ur about 2.6k considering ur yet to be calibrated