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    Easy game wp, delicious mmr has been acquired, thank doto gods for 5v4s

    ✪ Havok

      Hm, didn't go to the last page for my comment...
      @Mama, There Goes That Man!

      The Trees Are Out To Get Me!!!
      Very high KDA, Highest HD, Most LH's,
      Great Game!

      Trade Prince Gallywix

        An hour of pure feeding from the enemy. I love those kind of games. Nice dude.


          Nice Invo play. Looks like he created a ton of space for his team and pushed the lanes. Great KDA and looks like won the game 2-5 with the Tinker. Very efficient with the farm and who doesn't love a MoM Invo almost like a QoP or Storm. Orchid and pew pew. Well played.

          girl problems

            seems like you kept your idiots alive long enough for huskar to rape their team, also seems like you got farmed well too

            Jackson Driplock #Drippie...

              98 lh in 52 minutes , thats less than 2lh/min , that's pretty bad, considering from your items you weren't going support.

              Should have had more tower dmg because your ult is great for it.

              From the graph seems like an even game

              girl problems

                had to play support wind cause ns wanted farm, only got the items up cuz lucky shackles here and there :)(


                  match going late (1:07:01)
                  not bad your build
                  your friend storm the real mvp


                    you played a fairly solid dark seer game, had good build and farm


                      Nice stomp but i laughed at the cm 0 5 0 lmao
                      item build is questionable to be honest but maybe u did it because it was a stomp


                        Intersting build in bm, but dunno why dagger and necro instead of aghanim, brokrn sheit


                          wow you play with guardian wisp :kappa

                          i hate who player build dagon on puck
                          sure this useless coz you take late game

                          Bad Intentions

                            hmm.. looks like youre the only one who got farm in your game, i see tons of hero damage good, im not sure what happened to the rest of the team but you did your part to win

                            big dick daddy

                              wow with the lineup really. how do people expect to win vs spec storm zeus jugg and mirana? also really good farm on storm you and jugg and bb kept them in the game for so long

                              Hex Sigma

                                easy win, they were a potato team. Funnily enough idk how all of em got a negative kda. Probably you stomped mid hard and continued deathballing to win.

                                The sny is questionable but on that match i don't think it wouldve mattered much.


                                  lion game
                                  kind of low hero damage as a lion, and lowest kill participation even though you have the lowest deaths, so the reason can't be that you were getting picked off at the beginning of the fight. your gpm is lacking - getting less than 1 last hit a minute - despite your low kill participation so you probably were moving around the map inefficiently if you're neither farming or joining fights.

                                  tinker game
                                  you *must* get soul ring on tinker, it's the most cost efficient mana item on him. more mana is always a good thing. it means more spells casted, which results in more farm and/or kills. also get rearm lv 1 sooner so that you can farm neutrals, and don't get rearm lv 3 so soon. one because you don't have soul ring and two, you've spent 5k upgrading dagon to lv 5 only to get 12 int from it, so your mana pool is going to be non existent, you could probably only manage 2 dagons and 1 rearm before you were out of mana.

                                  FREE CARRIE LAM

                                    Im only in normal skill so take everything i say with a grain of salt, you had 204 last hits 50 mins in maybe you could've farmed the map more but the game looks like it was pretty fight intensive. Nice itemization, maybe could've thrown in a bkb and sold your midas if the game went on for longer.


                                      Although you got plenty of kills and farm, you didn't get items that helped you snowball like you should. The enemy probably won cause you didn't properly itemize yourself. I think that if you went for Orchid Malevolence over Assault Cuirass, juggernaut would have had a harder time in teamfights as you could silence him preventing him from using his ultimate.

                                      Bad Intentions

                                        you did what you had to do as PL, good impact, wise decisions and youre on a good streak. You'll be in high skill in no time.

                                        daily dose of dopamine

                                          Daedalus Spectre? Hm.. You somehow managed to pick up a lot of kills with help of your team.

                                          Bad item choices.

                                          Bad Intentions

                                            Hmmm, 18 min game, some1 left in your team, sucks to have leavers, but im not sure if that viper went mid and got the better of u in the match up.

                                            daily dose of dopamine

                                              ^ he he fucked me pretty hard.. got better block, etc


                                                @bad Intentions ez global strat. You kited their team pretty hard and a bb with no follow up is not really useful either. Strange itembuild tho

                                                King of Low Prio

                                                  ^ not even your mother could love you after playing centaur that bad

                                                  ..........hearts blow more than one heart blow even more buy utility

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                                                    ^ surprised the game lasted even on experience for that long, clearly you had 3 players performing really well and 2 dead weights. im guessing you 3 had a solid game plan how to get a pretty easy win the entire time.

                                                    King of Low Prio

                                                      kill people win games thats the strat


                                                      buy guardian greaves they are godlike on undying


                                                        ^any item I had before got useless (blade mail and halberd hood of defiance) and since I was the only tank in my team I had to eat snipers and qops shit, also qop was split pushing all game an no one could ry deal with that except me

                                                        Nice qop play btw

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                                                        girl problems

                                                          @sampson, not much to say, rape mid, rape carries, insane hero dmg too

                                                          ☭Gear Cultist☭

                                                            full tilt: Looks like you completely outplayed the enemy and just crushed and it seems most or your team did really well too. Bonus points for stomping with Lesh :)

                                                            girl problems

                                                              fuck it i love this thread dont care how much i comment

                                                              @stalinator: jeeeeez that cm stomp, you and that potm fucking gangraped that cancer tier team


                                                                U fucking suck dicks


                                                                  Ez carry Lesh, Octarine Core ftw.

                                                                  no need

                                                                    another win for pa against team MKB

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                                                                    Shark Bait

                                                                      No Dagon Tinker victory match.


                                                                      no need

                                                                        dagon tinker is 4 nerds

                                                                        13 death doom abandoned :D free mmr

                                                                        big dick daddy

                                                                          wk vs a team that only has diffusal pl as a counter and u had a sf. not much of a contest

                                                                          ED WUNCLER
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                                                                              WE BACK BOYZ

                                                                                @ disconnected heavenly god of snowball, you seem to balance that farm and kill participation just right :D. I wouldn't go a mom on sf normally but i guess that game was just crazy. Not much to say , seems that team just did an amazing job at picking fights and generating momentum

                                                                                @oni your item pick is genuinely interesting, double lockdown , fuck the nix kind of thing i guess and still managed to pull apretty good gpm amongs other 2 cores, but at the end of the day seems like however much am tried he didnt manage to 1 v 5 you guys, your team could have hugely benefited from an ac and maybe a hex

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                                                                                ED WUNCLER

                                                                                  ^ bow down to kany west


                                                                                    sorry you were horrible, your team carried you pretty hard

                                                                                    Trade Prince Gallywix

                                                                                      was that a last pick pl?

                                                                                      nice la


                                                                                        you carried team done well
                                                                                        farm good and highest tower damage
                                                                                        maybe minutes 26 its crucial the hug war
                                                                                        i love your build too

                                                                                        yeah anti-fun get 2 skadi ezzzzzzz
                                                                                        wait whattt diffusal haha

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                                                                                          No it wasn't, they picked warlock and omni into me for some reason

                                                                                          3.. orb..?
                                                                                          that's right, 3 orb!

                                                                                          Excellent game, I suppose that your team was benefiting a lot from your vacuum into smoke/axe call. Well done

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                                                                                                good lesh play, snowball after 20 min as a team well played. have bought bkb, smartgamig