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    Not much to say, just owning with bh and I guess shitty storm and afk farming slark?

    Senatus Sum

      Mid fed, so you got to mess around.


        I'm sub 1K but you did real good on that hero damage, having the second highest in the game!


          You kinda got carried but I guess you assisted a lot in fights...

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            29 denies on pl (heavenly voices)


              You probably could have farmed more with alch

              Ancient Astronaut Theorist
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                  your clockwerk has more farm than ur carry void,
                  why did your wd went to shadowblade
                  your two supports feed.
                  INVOKER tried to carry the game, he'd failed. sad.


                    just how did you lose the game when their medusa did next to nothing


                      ^ anti-mage was ballsy as fuck because we were owning during early and mid game
                      after some throws did by am during late game, silencer gotten fat, and uexpectedly very strong that we can't deal with him already, then shits starts to fall and crumble
                      in short. they comeback, we throw, THAT FUCKING ANTI-MAGE

                      [LT] Eagle of Freedom

                        actually had a good game with terrorbad. minus style points for BKB.


                          Well played actually, or at least juding by stats, managing to get almost as much Hero Damage as Aoe bitch Gyrocopter, but damn, it seems you only focused on shutting down Witch Doctor, as everyone else in the other team, except for him, has similar farm...which shouldn't be possible for a Warlock, but you guys still let him buy Aghanim's + Refresher. So, still your fault :)

                          Ancient Astronaut Theorist
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                              No battlefury FailFish

                              Revelation 6:3

                                wp doom

                                Flayn the Fish Queen

                                  Max HD on tinker. No dagon necesarry.

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                                      Out farmed clockwerk LOL

                                      Venom of the Red Lotus

                                        Decent farm, support player, won 4 vs 5.

                                        Jackson Driplock #Drippie...

                                          Half of teams kills, had almost 2/3rds of enemy teams total damage alone


                                            You did very little tower even with a deso. Try getting a Dominator, stacking ancients is a huge help and satanic is awesome on PA.
                                            Abysall is way better than Daedelus. Quite low hero damage considering the hero you are playing

                                            WooT ☠

                                              You just was usefull to do the objetives at final of the game. Bad impact at fights, you team needed to hold game till you get fullbuild to take towers, so basically, your team won the game and you just farmed :D

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                                                Wow long game. I guess you and your team really just farmed all game cause they were really good at defending and fighting. I think one big reason they lost is legion not having a bkb. Also none of them had a MKB either. But anyway wp :D. Also, ez game Kappa

                                                Trade Prince Gallywix

                                                  Wp you last picked pl. EZ MMR boyz.

                                                  daily dose of dopamine

                                                    Low lasthits, bad kda, no items...

                                                    Forcestuff? wtf..

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                                                    glowing 1000 degree KNIFE

                                                      you didn't push your advantage enough so their late game heroes rekt you

                                                      what could you have done? eh i dunno, i never can push it either

                                                      also that phoenix looks like cancer i hope you made him die lots

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                                                        Pretty unorthodox items for a Pudge, but I guess you know a lot more about the hero than me. Kappa

                                                        Stats don't really say much about your performance in this case, considering your item choices, but I can see why you went for all of them.


                                                          Overall good lich winrate, though weird skill build last game (2nd pt in sacrifice @lvl 3 and frost Armor @lvl 6).


                                                            "but I guess you know a lot more about the hero than me" :horse:

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                                                            Bad Intentions

                                                              Hmm.. by the looks of it you dominated your mid match up vs sf, high xpm and gpm, snowballed ta stats. That basically set up the stomp.

                                                              Quick maffs

                                                                I really dislike heart on NS, a bkb and a basher would have done more in my noob opinion, but overall good perfomance and your team would have probably lost the game if it wasnt for u

                                                                Big Daddy C

                                                                  not much insight i can give on a very high skill player, as I rarely play this skill tier, something I noted was you took bristleback at level 1, although I'm guessing it was situational.


                                                                    average techies match

                                                                    jerax was the real carry

                                                                      1V5 game best game


                                                                        top feed my friend


                                                                          Space Cow game is strong with you, you seem to like carry or offlane, okay winrate but you havent played much of the game

                                                                          Bad Intentions

                                                                            oh boy, okay.. your enemy team basically let your slark snowball out of control and that is not good! you basically stomped them with a good start with slark.

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                                                                                i know nothing of techies but nice damage

                                                                                Giant Bearded Face

                                                                                  Godlike farm, HD and TD. Lone Druid threw hard.

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                                                                                      you da real mvp


                                                                                        good hero damage and decent farm. keep it up


                                                                                          nice game impact!
                                                                                          low skill game tho...
                                                                                          ur probably way better than everyone on that game... maybe u were stackd with a low skill friend?

                                                                                          Trade Prince Gallywix

                                                                                            Didn't do the sumail invoker build. Probably why you lost. You're invoker build is all over the place in general. I have no clue what you were building or why.


                                                                                              sumail invoker, wp


                                                                                                Farmed well & still found enough time to rek people


                                                                                                  lucky you. you got a team in a pub and everyone performed well! Or was it the other team throwin after 10 min, because it was 25 min game? wp, support lion anyways. also ez mid ez lyfe (sf vs tiny).
                                                                                                  (this forum got so boring today that i have to post here fml - what can i say, im the biggest griever EU)

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