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    Official Dotabuff FAQ:

    I'm making this topic because obviously most people don't read that FAQ before posting here.

    Frequently asked questions in the forums:

    Q: No stats recorded game got recorded as a loss in Dotabuff! What should I do?
    A: Nothing. Unfortunately, the Steam API doesn't assure Dotabuff which matches are no stats and which are, so sometimes mistakes will happen.

    Q: I'm new here and my matches aren't being recorded for some reason! What should I do?
    A: The answer to this is in the Dotabuff FAQ which I linked just above. You need to enable "share match history" and/or if you have missing matches, use the "update match history" button.

    Q: What does 'normal', 'high', and 'very high' skill mean?
    A: It's an information given by Valve in some (not all) matches. It will tell the average skill level of the players in that game. If you want to relate it to MMR, normal tends to be < 3k, high is from 3k-ish to around 3.8k, and very high is over 3.8k.

    Q: (not really a question but still) I'm stuck in a trench MMR and I feel I'm much better than this! GG 50% forced winrate!
    A: It's common knowledge nowadays that the trench is a myth and if you can't climb MMR then you probably don't deserve to. Be aware of your skill level, accept it and then start trying to improve. Avoid being caught by the [url=""]Dunning-Kruger effect[/url].

    Q: I want to interact with people here ingame, where should I go?
    A: Search for the Dotabuff guild, it's easy to find someone who will gladly add you there.


      PLEASE CHECK THIS, we don't need 50+ threads asking about "high skill" and other repetitive threads.

      Pickle Destroyer

        Beat me to it, so sick of skill bracket questions and people missing games who don't bother to read.


          actually some topics about skill bracket were useful to me as I didn't know what "very high, high, normal" meant before checking one in which you posted the link to this (guy above me)