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    So I feel I'm beginning to understand DotA after 450 games or so and I'm starting to play some more heroes after a lot of games with Lich to get some idea of how things work.

    Now I'm actually having a think about the game I was looking for some ideas on good lane combos, dual or tri, that I can have a go at.

    I saw an SD, Leshrac, Jugger trilane going huge with the bubble, split earth, spinning blades of doom combo, that was funny and it got me thinking what else would be huge in the laning phase.

    I thought maybe Warlock and Axe would be a funny dual lane, Axe getting heals and the double hit point drain of lols.

    Any pointers to good lane combos would be appreciated.


    TL;DR Please help noob with good lane combos.


      KotL is usually the key for winning early lanes, implying you don't get ganked. Try it in combo with PL, Axe, Undying or any other hero which is able to spam their low CD spells.


        I heard about the PL and gandalf combo being huge, but yeah, spose his mana can be abused by many a hero, thanks. Thinking cap on...



          wisp + %heroname%


            Ahh, I hear Io the wisp requires skill to do well with...I am lacking in skill I'm afraid.

            Maybe one day.


              ok,try SD + lifestealer,pretty ez combo.


                A fun roaming combo is Tusk+Cent. You can kill pretty much anyone from full health when you are both level 4 if you don't fail and miss the snowball.

                If you harass them down a bit you can use this to get kills at level 2. FB gold is nice to have!

                But if you wait for level 4 it gets easy...
                lvl 2 snowball 120 dmg
                lvl 2 iceshard 140 dmg
                lvl 2 hoofstomp 150 dmg
                lvl 2 doubleedge 250 dmg
                Total 660 magic dmg, 440 is actually done, You each do 2 attacks to them during the stun time so they take about another 200 dmg. Plus you will have them totally blocked into iceshards if you do it right. Even if a support can aoe stun both of you they can't get out of the trap. Just don't try to roll on blink heroes. Invis heroes can be easily killed if you bring a dust or sentry.

                When you both have everything leveled up to 4 the combo does 1130 magic dmg (so ~850 applies) and you can walrus punch them for a 4x crit for sure at the end. Few heroes can get out of instant-kill range until late game and supports never will...though if they are good they will eventually get a Fstaff and dodge the snowball.


                  Ha ha, nice. Not much stopping that I would think. Cheers.



                    That combo really is crazy. Especially when you're running it in trilane with another disabler

                    Tiny + Cent is also worth mentioning. People do not realize how Cent is one of the best pubstomping heroes.

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                    Penis Monkey

                      Veno is a great laning partner, venomous gale is one of the strongest level 1 Q spells in the game, the slow is awesome and works exceptionally well with Juggernauts Q.

                      Shadow Shaman + Ursa get's a notable mention for shackles + overpower/fury swipes.

                      If you can co-ordinate, Slarks pounce has a long time (3.5 second) at level one so you can use it with some other stuns at the right time to get some serious early ganks.

                      Sand King + Mirana is a favourite of mine, Mirana hides in woods for 5 second range on stun, Sand King burrowstrikes the target for 2 second stun, Mirana throws arrow then runs in and auto hits, providing the arrow hits it's about 7 seconds of SK auto attacks and about 4 of Mirana plus Mirana is range giving her about 3 while they try to escape. It's pretty much a certain first blood if Mirana is positioned well.

                      Edit - 14,000th dotabuff comment.

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                      Ming (愛愛..失われた愛)

                        centaur + tusk

                        150,500th comment


                          So we have

                          Veno and Jugg
                          Centaur and Tiny
                          Centaur and Tusk
                          Shadow Demon and Lifestealer
                          KotL and Undying
                          KotL and Axe
                          KotL and PL
                          KotL and any fucking one by the sounds of it :DD
                          Wisp and anyone....needs some skill
                          Mirana and Jugg

                          What about Warlock? Is he just best solo or combining with Axe or something would be better? Enigma and Warlock Ulti's in combo amuses me in my head, in fact, Warlock, Enigma and Gyro ulti's all hitting the same AoE would kill everyone in the world wouldn't it?

                          Cheers guys, keep dem suggestions coming please, the more the merrier :DD

                          Edit: Ha ha, Warlock, Enigma, Gyro, Lich and an AM or Ursa charging round within or something would be bestest teamfight in the history of DotA.

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                            axe kotl undying offensive trilane


                              If you want to back lane. Axe-dazzle is the strongest. Its so good it can even work at the level of TI3 teams.

                              See Alliance run dazzle-axe back lane against Mousesports.

                              Against regular pubs this combo is devastating.


                                ck(or)sk + lina
                                ck(or)sk + tms
                                kunkka + rylai
                                kunkka + sd
                                kunkka + bane
                                naix + disruptor
                                naix + shaman

                                these are really good one if enemy come to hard lane alone.
                                you can make the enemy hard lane solo don't get any exp and if he decide to come within exp range, you could kill him.

                                Pinkie Pie

                                  Dark seer + goblin techies => best combo ever. Is to sad that techies still out of dota 2


                                    DS + BH

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                                      tiny + techies , super bomb
                                      shadow priest + huskar , super hard to use, could be crazy

                                      I have faith in my teams

                                        PL + KOTL #1

                                        DeMAR DeROZAN

                                          I would go for CK + Wisp, Wisp is number one hero, his ganking lvl is just way too much for pubs to undertake it, wisp charges spirits, tethers to CK, CK uses reality rift, the tether stuns the prey, w8 a sec or more (depending on tether lvl), choas bolt, spirits doing tons of damage, dead prey..
                                          but u might need lvl 3 for higher chance of killing, lvl 2 choad bolt, lvl 2 spirits


                                            As far as laneing goes, Kotl + long range, low cd, nuker is the most powerful combo in the game.
                                            There are many other options that no one seems to do like zues, luna, nightstaker, magnus, silencer, disruptor...PL is the strongest late game carry so...

                                            In the case of KotL + PL once they get to level 3 you really can't lane against them with anything. 4 times in one creep wave PL can spirit lance you until you are dead. At level 3 you are taking 600 magic dmg in one creep wave, thats already impossible to withstand. When they get to level 5 its 800 magic dmg, level 7 its 1000 magic dmg per creep heroes can truly lane against a competent Kotl+ PL combo. Some can hide nearby and soak up xp. DS can cast in ion shells from way way back and hide. Elder Titan, if he has enough mana regen, can send in the spirit to lasthit, harass, and hide. WR can powershot some cs and hide. But PL is going to get free farm whatever you do and you are likely to get picked off.

                                            The one thing you can do is dive in and kill them. That is possible, but laneing against them really is not. So if you are facing a KotL + PL lane and want to do anything but get offlane experience by cleverly hiding...bring enough power to kill them and do it before you take a bunch of lance spam to the face, or don't go to the lane.

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                                              My mate & I run veno / viper combo. Veno buys a venom orb to stack slow, with vipers slow. as soon as the enemy over extends, veno gale then auto attack, with vipers orb attack = enemy is fingered in the anus. But you need to be playing against people who don't have a clue.

                                              Tiny + cent combo is fun. Toss cent onto enemy, then cent stuns, etcetc.

                                              Kotl, axe, silencer. Ultimate harrass. No one will farm against this trilane.


                                                shadow demon + razor (static link and disruption perfectly synergise)

                                                Itse Mestari

                                                  I was once playing pub and my friend (who btw played dota 1 and hon before dota 2) just figured out by himself when me as bristtleback and some random as pudge was laning that if pudge takes Rot first and I start with slow I can stack my slow and pudge runs over the foe with rot on. So, we got first blood, but I think that this only work when enemy comes too far in the lane at the beginning and we played against solo (witch was a stupid slark tough) whitch may have helped us to get the kill.


                                                    Leshrac + naga siren or sven.

                                                    Vanity  ツ

                                                      Troll warlord + Rhasta is a fun one


                                                        If you have a friend that doesn't suck at Meepo, pick Venomancer and support him safe lane.

                                                        Babysit Meepo for a few levels, get 1 Gale and the rest into your Poison Sting. Harrass a bit, then Gale>Net>Poof>Right Clicks. First blood, ez rares, ez lyfe.

                                                        Also, Cent/Tusk cannot be over stated. It wrecks, even if you suck. Someone else explained the gist of it, but specifically, here is EXACTLY how you do it to secure a kill.

                                                        Snowball, right clicks, stomp, right clicks, Ice Shards, right clicks, Double Edge, win.

                                                        If Tusk is silly and casts Ice Path too soon, the enemy will not be chain stunned/locked down, you will not get as many right clicks in, and he can potentially run away. If Centaur does his Double Edge too soon.... You just might die if the enemy is a nuker

                                                        Once you get good, start playing Io+CK. It really does take some coordination, skill, and map awareness, but once you are confident in that, everyone is food for you.


                                                          for safelane i really like cm and kunkka


                                                            zeus + kotl beats any lane

                                                            Jinkies! :)

                                                              Lina + Crystal Maiden + Juggernaut trilane.

                                                              Nothing you can do.


                                                                -Keeper of the Light with pretty much any (preferably) carry with a low cooldown nuke that is limited by their crappy mana pool.
                                                                -Juggernaut works well with anyone with a disable, although I prefer people with slows, as it guarantees once in spin range, they won't get out, whereas they might after getting stunned.
                                                                -Also Treant helps mid hugely. It almost guarantees the laning phase.

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                                                                    poison brothers

                                                                    viper + venomancer

                                                                    Wanna troll your opponent into pure rage, orb of venom venomancer + tanky build viper.

                                                                    This combo will rape almost any lane combo and the pure rage it induces will bring eternal joy to your game of dota.

                                                                    Washed up shitkid

                                                                      basicly any 2 stuns or disables or slows can be good combo depending on lane and enemies

                                                                      storm spirit picker

                                                                        cent tiny > cent tusk

                                                                        Computer (Very Easy)

                                                                          SD/Any carry with a disable + Sun strike


                                                                            Do u want to get guaranteed first blood at lvl 1 !! ?

                                                                            Well the u must try bristle + veno ( the tears will shed)

                                                                            (get orb of venom on veno and lvl the gale) (get on ring of basilis for brisle and lvl snot)

                                                                            So what does this equate to ? 80% slow plus armor reduction, or as I like to call it ASS RAPE

                                                                            Hope u guys try it :D


                                                                              wisp, gyro, naix


                                                                              Moosen Commando


                                                                                Surge-> cogs-> ion shell-> battery assault
                                                                                any laner off their tower is dead

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                                                                                  Zeus and Gyro is a pretty straightforward first blood, Level 1 Barrage and Level 1 Lightning Bolt are easy to aim and deal quite a lot of damage, way more than it should at such an early time. Focus down the support first, once he dies, then proceed to take the last hits and force the carry out of lane. The rest is just progressive.

                                                                                  Izuku Midoriya

                                                                                    slark and centaur was a fun one me and my friend used to run if i random'd slark and bane and potm with another dmg doers is also kinda fun just sleep and then arrow

                                                                                    Deku Scrub

                                                                                      Pick Viper vs Qop, level up 3rd skill max. Let Qop poison you, she will now enjoy 475 magical dmg in return. Happy days.


                                                                                        Simple, These combos need skills, but its worth training for.
                                                                                        Wisp-Razor Mid
                                                                                        Wisp-Ursa Mid
                                                                                        Wisp-Ursa Offlane (try lvl 1 rosh)
                                                                                        Wisp-Bristle Mid
                                                                                        Wisp-Riki Safelane

                                                                                        Wisp starts with bottle, and partner gives him a tango and another potion.
                                                                                        Wisp controls runes, DOES NOT GET SPIRIT SKILL, And you keep diving the enemy midlane.
                                                                                        Wisp heals up while diving. GG.

                                                                                        Hit 'Em Up

                                                                                          Trilane spirit breaker, lifestealer, dark seer. Lifestealer jungles intil level 6 while dark seer levels up his Ion shell and spirit gets his charge and stun. Lifestealer goes into spirit and dark seer gives him shell. Spirit charge and lifestealer jumps out the ion shell will deal out damage while they are stunned giving a deadly combo.

                                                                                          starved N1gg3r

                                                                                            Sounds awful ^


                                                                                              its awesome what you can achieve with just thinking yourself also.

                                                                                              Jina cole

                                                                                                PL + TROLL

                                                                                                Jina cole

                                                                                                  GYRO + SKYWRATH

                                                                                                  Jina cole



                                                                                                      AM + PA best lane combo confirmed


                                                                                                        Slark + Sf
                                                                                                        slark + kunka
                                                                                                        Cm + ursa
                                                                                                        shaman + ursa
                                                                                                        nyx + mirana
                                                                                                        sk + mrana
                                                                                                        Kotl + lina
                                                                                                        kotl + any spam spells
                                                                                                        pugna + lina
                                                                                                        Bara + lina
                                                                                                        any stun + lina
                                                                                                        and many more