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    just how much do you suck when you play drunk? few days ago was drinking quite a bit, friend convinced me to play dota, woke up the next day remembering nothing and decided to check my dotabuff profile;

    Lich: 3-12-5
    Witch: 5-19-20
    Huskar: 4-17-12

    i was so sad :-(


      and why did you post this on forum?
      why would anyone care....


        it's a fourm when people post shit that they want. and i have some input for the subject.

        sometimes when im drunk playing, it's like 4 - 6 in the morning and happens to be scrubs on and i actually dominate well. other than that, i usually get scores close to yours op and normal times.

        and they i go cry myself to sleep

        Dump Truck Dota

          I am glad their is no replay function for me drunk at the card tables in casinos.


            Lolskil just sounds like a typical internet bitch, ignore him and they go away eventually.

            And I'm pretty sure my drunk replays are still up, don't want to watch them at all.


              Hmmmm so im an internet bitch cuz i just talk real..hmmm wp dude wp...
              your brain power amuses me...


                that's nice


                  be a man


                    i'm pretty manly, i eat alpen. that's like manly breakfast i'm pretty sure.

                    I have faith in my teams

                      i went 19-0 with enchantress while drunk once


                        He means 0-28


                          i play much better when im drunk


                            Lolskil probably not old enough to drink


                              For me I get extra focused


                                Well few beers is OK, but when you are fucked up, no no

                                (but shit happens, lol

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                                Ming (愛愛..失われた愛)

                                  only retards play when drunk


                                    you know, It's hard to think about it when you are --


                                      Yeah Ming, who would possibly think about having fun on a computer game? How horrendous.