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General Discussion"No stats will be recorded" matches still being recorded on DB

"No stats will be recorded" matches still being recorded on DB in General Discussion

    Ok, so the experienced players know this rule:

    If a player disconnects before first blood occurs, and does not reconnect, then a message pops up saying something like:
    "Abandonment by ****. It is now safe to leave. No stats will be recorded".

    So while your personal record within your Dota 2 profile keeps that promise and merely records the match in match history (and leaves the game out of your stats, provided you weren't the one to disconnect), I've noticed that DB doesn't live up to that.

    I have had multiple cases where a "No stats will be recorded" match has actually been recorded on DB.

    Some examples:
    My Dota 2 profile says I have 240 wins and 251 losses ... yet on DB it says 243 to 259
    And within my Dota 2 profile, I'm currently 19-18 with Viper
    Yet on DB, it's recorded as 17-21 instead.

    Could someone please provide an explanation.


      Does it really make sense? Or does this DB rating improves ur skill? And, by the way, Dotabuff has no relations with Valve - it is not the same organization (Captain Obviousity).

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        Ah, you're the Russian guy that had a lot to say in that other discussion ("RUSSIANS SHOULD BE EXTERMINATED" discussion).
        Sorry bro, I'm looking for a satisfactory explanation.
        Yours does not count :)

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            Lol. What kind of explanation u expect?=) Yes, it is the mistake of Dotabuff programmers. Despite this, dotabuff doesn't count matches u win if one of ur opponents leave, and then other team leaves too (after FB).Or, probably they have done it on purpose in order to provide better statistical data and analysis. IMHO it is a simple mistake, nothing else.

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            Marquis de Gibus

              You've just explained your own questions. When Valve and DB make their stats for you, they take different kind of matches into account.

              Why? Ask developers.

              Stats are nice and sometimes really useful, but you should not feel offended if some kind of stats don't show what you want to see.


                @ Spencer Pooty
                Ah, thanks bro.
                Greatly appreciate your feedback.


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