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General DiscussionI have my setting as Public how come dotabuff isnt updating my recent...

I have my setting as Public how come dotabuff isnt updating my recent games? in General Discussion

    I have my setting on public how come dotabuff not updating my games


      "Dotabuff is currently unable to get new data. Thank you for your patience and support while we work to find a solution."

        Isn't that cuz most of the accounts are on private. I have mine on public. Plus yesterday it was working fine and today it all got erased.


          Dotabuff isn't updating because Valve disabled Dotabuff's old method of parsing replay data. The only way to get stats from Dota now is to use the WebAPI, which is a huge project of recoding the entire site to work with the new input.

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          ∞ regen

            ... what the hell were they thinking using the other API anyways?


              @ infinte regen the webapi didn't work for 6 months


                where do you control your privacy settings? i cliked privacy on got no options


                  I have my settings public but there are still no updates in my history.


                    Can anyone tell me whether the games I played in the shut down time will be added if i now go public?


                      They should, yes.


                        We're backfilling matches, it will take a while to catch up. Make sure your privacy setting is on in order to get stats.

                        Doler 黑暗

                          Last 4 days i've had a couple of really nice wins, so will they dissapear and not account to my DBR or will they be added later? I just put my stats sharing on public! I really miss dotabuff :(


                            i just turned on the privacy setting at today,so the games history on yesterday will be catch up?

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                              same question as BaHaMuT (just turned on) , wanna see my 6 last games, dotabuff:3


                                Yes, it appears the setting is retroactive. As long as you change the setting to on before we get the data for that match, it will work.


                                  Still, the matches that were scanned until you told me to change this setting wont appear in my history?


                                    Correct, we currently have no way of knowing when a player changes their privacy setting - all the API exposes is the match data at the time we gather it.

                                    We hope to be able to build a better workflow for players to convert from private to public in the future.

                                    dale da dolphin

                                      So I've had my profile as public since the moment the patch was released... Are you doing sweeps to gather all the matches now? Do you have an ETA on how long it will take?

                                      Thanks for the effort.

                                      MeRD   ҉   like

                                        so the matches we have played after site shutdown & until setting profile as public won't effect DBR at all ? Any chance to get those data too?


                                          We're throttling requests to avoid any service disruption or degradation for other users of the API. At the current rate we should be caught up in 10-12 hours.

                                          dale da dolphin

                                            I've noticed my first match has just updated so it's definitely working!

                                            Will the DBR update too or are you still resolving that conflict?


                                              ^ good to hear.. so how is everything going with valve? :O


                                                We sent an email to Valve on Friday and haven't heard back. I'm not quite sure where it leaves us TBH.

                                                Unfortunately, DBR won't update. The API doesn't provide enough context for us to make any meaningful determination of skill. We know that there are a lot of people who want to know if they are improving and by how much - we're looking into alternatives.


                                                  thanks for the hard work, hope valve at least would let you get back to the basic stat gathering.


                                                    LONG LIVE DOTABUFF


                                                      @dale da dolphin - Valve's decisions were a clear attempt to stop DBR. We have no indication from Valve that they have any issue with Plus service at all.


                                                        I know players who would like to have some kind of rating which gives some kind of information what is their skill level. At last DOTABUFF gives that to us and then Valve/Icefrog takes it away from us. This is really sad.


                                                          Very professional Dotabuff! Quick adaption to the WebAPI!

                                                          randy savage

                                                            So the games I played while Dotabuff was down will still be found right?


                                                              @japanator - if you set yourself to public then we will get them - eventually. We are working on it all now.


                                                                keep working on it guys, dotabuff is the best site for stats!

                                                                randy savage

                                                                  @Midway - Thanks!

                                                                  white iverson

                                                                    My latest game has appeared but not the ones I've played those past 3-4 days just yet.