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The Humble Support

Your sacrificial and selfless nature propels your fellow teammates to their maximum potential. If only they could make the most out of your martyrdom then you would win every Dota game. Every last hit your team misses hurts like a thousand pinpricks preventing you from achieving true glory.

Lets face it - you’re kind of meta. While everyone else is focused solely on the farm in front of them you are thinking ahead and anticipating future opportunities. Your ability to multitask and perceived map awareness let you keep your team in the loop. Sometimes you even like to tell then what abilities they SHOULD have used in the last team fight.

The Hard Carry

You don't deserve to be in the trench with these peasants. They're lucky they even got match made with you. If there were five of you on the same team, you would have won AND casted a TI at the same time. That's how versatile and knowledgeable you are when it comes to Dota.

The one disadvantage of having 5 of you in a match? There’s no way you could find enough farm to be satisfied with your performance. You’ve been caught farming while your team fought 4v5 before, haven’t you? That’s okay because you just needed to finish that last item.

The Dota Knight

You try to be a good person, but the truth is everyone on your team finds you insufferable. It's not that they aren't listening to you; it's that they already muted you after 2 minutes in.

Be honest… at times you can be a micromanager. Sometimes you are a bit too detailed oriented for simple pubs to understand. One of your weaknesses is adaptability to unexpected situations, but when things do go as you planned it is masterful.

The real benefit of having you on the team is that sometimes the enemy hates you just as much as your teammates. If you can troll them enough to plant a seed of despair we may just win this game.

The Great Strategist

The best thing about your playstyle is that you’re most likely to genuinely enjoy your Dota 2 games. When you’re not playing you’re thinking about playing. You’re more likely to initiate both a teamfight and a play session. Wait… why didn’t they go in with you? This team...

Mastering that balance between a team’s farm and pushing strategy is one of your great strengths. But lets confront the real issue… sometimes you can be annoying. Not everyone else could say that their signature move is to ping constantly. Lets not even address the times you’ve played with an open mic and tons of background music. You’re a Dota DJ.

The Wise Thinker

Not everyone can pay such close attention to their team's mistakes and still have time to steal some farm. You're a wise unicorn in a world of ignorance. Sometimes people respond to you by pointing out your mistakes. They are amateurs; as if you didn’t know what you needed to be improving on.

You probably spend a ton of time reading about Dota 2 and understanding all of the little complexities and how they interact. More than one friend has relied on you to correct a misunderstanding about game mechanics. I mean it’s a wonder how they could even function without you.

The Critical Striker

Much like AdmiralBulldog never giving up on Sheever, you never back down from a fight - unless it is a stupid one. In that case you will be walking away and laughing as your teammate feeds. What were they thinking? You have an exacting fight or flight sense that makes you an asset in a team setting. You have absolutely NEVER teleported into a fight just to feed. That would never happen to you. Not even once.

Your strong emotional grounding makes you significantly less affected by toxic teammates and compared to other players you are less likely to have huge losing streaks… that are your own fault.

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