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    bm with axe build / make halberd

    Tiny Airlines



        Marci too


          plz do not recommend wraith pact vs Lina lol


            just get a halberd


              CC is very effective against lina, who is reliant on being able to act safely. Lina always has bkb but against aggressive blink-stuns it is usually not possible to use before stun hits and 90 second cd is long anyways. For a glass cannon hero like lina one stun is instant death. This is especially important because lina is slippery and will have few to no deaths otherwise, always escaping fights. Normal CC is not so good for lategame due to the bkb and satanic combination lina almost always uses these days(bkb stops stuns and is always available in late game while hp from satanic often saves from burst and allows a turnaround), but options like fiends grip on bane and berserkers call on axe are very strong throughout the game both going through bkb and lasting long enough to prevent lina from using satanic before death. However even if normal stuns don't scale they stop lina from growing big in the first place either winning early or softening lina's lategame to be not so scary. As with any carry every death slows your ramp and for lina the deaths come very easily from simple stuns.

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                WHAT IS CC??


                  Crowd control:) effectively stuns, roots and other forms for lockdowns.


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