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    "just jump the arc" is not sound advice anymore imho since aghs+octarine gives extra tankiness in a big way.

    Queso Parmesano

      it's really just a scepter hero one trick pony at this point
      he used to be dogshit on pubs back when you had to literally buy him 35 minutes to be useful, now he doesn't even need that lmao


        If you are facing a decent Arc Warden and lack enough coordination and required heroes to shut him down, you're done for.


          Team SMG recently won with a position five Brewmaster against Nigma Galaxy Sea ( ). His reworked Drunken Brawler on the 7.31 Patch seems pretty OP on top of a first item Aghanim's Scepter for having 2 ultimates. Can you make a guide about this hero as hard support please?


            I'll see what I can do. With patches being far between, my biggest source of new content are my own pubs and I haven't see a lot of Brew lately. Will keep an eye out, though

            Idk how to play

              While meta, i still think it's very situational pick. Arc mid has a hard time winning lanes especially against the current meta heroes. Going pos 1 arc is viable but that means you're going carry build, which was indifferent than previously


                impossible to win against arc smurfs in low bracket (Literally impossible). because most players in low brackets doesn't know how to play against this hero.
                I had 10 win-streak last night and after that i played 2 games and both lost because of Arc Warden smurfs.
                And one of them put he's Funpay account link in all chat... I know, That's hilarious and i couldn't say anything.

                one advice : If arc wanted to push your high-ground put sentries on both sides of your middle tower.If they have vision of your high-ground They spam Spark wraith on and easily take your barracks. You need to go smoke and find/kill the real one otherwise you can't go out of your base.

                I was forgetting... you can also see those two games in my recent matches. (Undying and dazzle lost top of the list) GOOD LUCK.

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                  I won my last 8 ranked games with Arc and even 2 games as a 4. And yet, no one knows how to deal with the split pushing clone.


                    It was just a recommendation. I did not know the feasibility of my idea

                    Pantone 448 C

                      Great timing as I was just considering learning this hero
                      Is Midas really necessary all games? Midas maelstrom travels just seems like 3 greedy farming items in a row to me. Maybe maelstrom into bkb would be more robust most games?

                      BigDaddy Karma

                        @Pantone 448C:

                        I’m still learning arc but you get double Midas charges and that also lets you jungle and push in lanes faster if you consume the siege unit.


                          @pantone 448 c
                          I've been skipping maelstrom and bots in favor of midas and arcane boots and rushing aghs next for a ~20min timing. Feels pretty reliable and you can put out insane damage and vision for your team early without slurping all the farm. Then depending on the game, can go travels, bkb, shard, octarine, or whatever you need.