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      I think the game would be in a better state if neutral items were just removed or it dropped a neutral item box instead and allowed you to choose a specific neutral item.

      frances maya
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        frances maya

          Power creep is real and they fuckd the game when releasing new heroes that fullfil all roles (And talents were pretty much introduced to make some supports into carry and carry into support), that's a bad decision since now all heroes need to be fixed to have that potential multi-role hero design

          Low APM, Lower IQ

            I think so. Supports and Strength cores scale way to much into the late game now. AGI heroes dont hard carry late game like they used to. GPM for pos 3,4,5 is vastly increased making them come online and able to close out games soooooo much faster. I’m all for shorter games but farm heavy pos 2 and hyper carry pos 1 heroes are completely irrelevant this patch.


              Worth noting how there are 5 items building out of mystic staff right now and only 2 building out of eaglesong. This benefits int cores, against which bkb is more valuable… and disadvantages agi cores obviously

              Beherit (p3/p1)

                I really like this meta. Spell casters are much more interesting and fun heroes than right clickers. They're also higher skill and make games faster. Right clickers do pretty much nothing for 40 minutes except if they can jump on an already won fight to steal a kill or two. Spell casting cores have to play around their mana and cooldowns. Some spells are skillshot and must be casted with care in order to land. Power-creep is real but it isn't an issue in my opinion. The fact that players are getting better also factors


                  new patch tmr.. no need to think too much today

                  The Badguy

                    The game is in a pretty bad state imo. Just not fun to play. I only turbo nowadays.


                      BKB should give 100% spell immunity when it has full seconds and then when it reaches 6seconds it gives only 60% Status Res

                      The Rural Juror

                        between talents, neutral items, shards, personal couriers, backpacks, TP scroll slot, and agh's blessing, the game has definitely experienced power creep, but as the article suggests, it's not strictly a bad thing. in many respects the game is far more nuanced as a result. personally i think the game is decided a little too early on in the current patch but like the general long-term direction of the game. but i'm also a scrub

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                        Low Priority Player

                          Make BKB similar to Blink Dagger. Cannot be activated in 3 seconds if takes player damage.


                            Tig3r that's probably one of the worst suggestions ever made.


                              Help me, I am a decent doto player back in 2017 and after 5 years Gap I can't enjoy the game, the game is just now very chaotic. I can't even enjoy watching the game like I used to because visually it is happening everywhere and I don't know what is going on.


                                BKB has got to be the most boring item of all time to deal with as a caster. As the article points out, carries have a ton of viable options for items. Would you rather try to land a skillshot for 300 spell damage with cooldowns and mana cost, or right click and clear half the screen for 1200 a hit? Unless you are one of a few very specific caster heroes, most caster items do not even contribute all that much to a heroes ability to farm, not nearly to the extent of the standard agi carry items. They have made things much more interesting with shards/scepter/talents, but item wise I don't know why certain things have to be so massively expensive. A wind waker for example is nearly 7000 gold. Yes, you can move in the tornado, but for the same price a carry can get a BKB and a basher. I know its a cherry picked example but still.

                                The biggest problem I have with the game right now is the jungle. The respawn is way too fast at one minute and makes the game so dull. It needs to either be rethought or put on 3 minutes. Oh my carries bkb is down so he has to jungle. Oh we won a fight, lets jungle. Oh we lost a fight, we need to jungle. Oh we cant go high ground, lets clear their jungle (which will be RIGHT BACK in 30 seconds).

                                Keep in mind im talking about just solo queue.

                                Veridis Quo

                                  > They are better at layering their disables

                                  Haha really?
                                  Maybe the reason is Valve has added status bars at some point and nowadays you don't need any real skill or time sense to stack disables?
                                  I'd like Volvo to remove all that helping stuff like tower range circles, spawn boxes, spell range indicators and status bars at least for competitive dota.
                                  Maybe allow them only for novice accounts with less than 100 games, or below 1000 MMR.


                                    layering disables, you should try to fight dissable from back, or any dirrection. if its happening in 4 hero at front line.

                                    or try at to fight at the weakest layer.