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Kir Kanos

    I cant believe I'm first! Omni needs more buffs


      Dazzle is back!!!! DAZZLE


        Necro into Medusa... pepega?



          Hey Arnold::LOOK at MEE!!!

            Necro es como dices, pfff ordenado?, tu enemigo tiene Linken's Sphere? no hay problema Aghanim shard al rescate! jajaja xD




                what about beastmaster and warlock?


                  Invoker sucks this patch

                  zoi | hoodi

                    It may not reflect in win rates but the nerf to divine rapier was a huge buff for PA


                      nice art, drow looks like about to send someone to the shadow realm lol

                      nut cream

                        Insightful article as always. I think you might be right about the comeback mechanics - greedy carries like Void and Spectre might be harbingers of a new, slower meta.

                        I'd add Warlock to the list of winners - he's at 53% WR now, with an upwards trend, mostly because of his new Shard, but also the Upheaval talent at 20 (it's usually skipped, but it adds a big powerspike to level 27).

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                          Warlock is the biggest winner of this patch for me, since he was ignored for more than a year, but nice article! didnt like the fact they murdered my monkey tho


                            люблю доту (нет)


                              I can see where Drow Shard helps with farming, but how do you genuinely deal with the inevitable mana issues using it for farming causes? Do you just go a Falcon Blade and also hope for an Aquila to drop? How do you deal with it late game? Do you buy an Ochid/Bloodthorn or something? Or do you just suffer and buy Clarities all game? Kinda important stuff to consider.

                              tfw my boy Sniper gets no mention despite his Take Aim active being objectively better when already in range and just raining firepower down on someone along side his Shard now just being a better Hurricane Pike active, purely because of a lack of jump in winrate.

                              КМС по лузстрикам

                                No medusa... okay...

                                Dirty FeeDeR

                                  Dazzle annoying af with hex shard.


                                    Vanguard rush Centaur is becoming an unstoppable force it seems