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    nah, pudge techies and rubick are the most important heroes :)


      The most important hero is the person who have the audacity to have the same patch for half a year.


        Lich too.. each time a new meta comes, that hero is picked a lot in pro play

          @AvoNKraD 7.27d has only been going for 2 months and a week. The one having audacity to complain for free game is you.


            This game might be free, but it's still monetized, it's not a god blessed charity, open your eyes already.
            And the miniature balance change between 7.27 x and y doesn't really make the game any more refreshing at all, so please don't even mention that.

            The Brains

              Great piece. Slight typo, though: '...piece to this discussion. in my opinion. is the...'. You have used a period instead of a comma.


                Great article.

                Siu Mai

                  No matter how important a hero is. Need to consider player skillset and understanding to game and hero as well. Pointless if picking fv but just join fight only when chrono is up.



                    The monetised part, the dota plus, have seen 2 updates, seasonal treasure, very rare courier with ethereal gem, and lvl 30 grandmaster hero.
                    The free part have seen diretide, costum game, rewards with 2 sets of treasure, seasonal chatwheel and terrain

                    And the miniature balance change also see some heroes coming in and out meta. Venomancer mid, Bloodseeker and Leshrac offlane, etc.




                        I think this list is fine if you talk about who defines the meta, but those are not the most important heros in the game. Io and Chen have historically dominated pretty much every patch to a point that they were perma banned in nearly every game. It was so important to not give them away that they dont effect the meta by much because you never get to pick them.


                          Great article however Io definitely needs to be on this list. I consider 'important' to be the hero that ties dota's meta together with the threat of being picked, heroes who force your enemy's hand in the draft, and Io definitely top 3 most gamebreaking heroes.




                              Is it just me or this article is absolute trash? A lot of arguments about this can also be applied to other heroes.

                              Also the 1v1 void thing is debatable. You mean like maxed out items nobody can beat him 1v1? You have to catch the other hero in the chrono first which is not easy. Second, some heroes can blinkreflex out or Ursa can just press R+W while void is casting chrono and ignore you for the duration and will proceed to absolutely decimate void assuming both are 6-slotted with satanic and stuff. Troll will also beat void like this.

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                              aikyu3 SuBi ♪

                                ^ It's only you, your argument sounds like 13 y/o debating in a cyber cafe 10 years ago wtf. Cringe bro.

                                Acid Snow

                                  I dreaded Life Stealer in early WC3 days. Forest farms for 20mins, and then just wins games.