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    Or, they could bring back Mirana and Furion pos 1 viability


      ^^^ + OD

      pepe is here

        Be prepared to be disappointed mr article writer

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          They just need a new patch period.


            Simply rework Sniper, make his ulti a 5-6 x critical strike skill shot. Is it that hard for Valve.
            Sometimes I also fancy a ranged hero which will not be revealed if he shoots from the Fog of War. Which may lead to interesting positioning plays. Which also suits a Sniper theme immensely.

            Anal enjoyer

              @kawai hey, I really need a topic about drafts: how to choose right carrys according to draft - maybe if u write something about duel between heroes like PA against TB who will win? so many things could be clear..


                Or give Venge flash farm and remove her 'Support' role label


                  Halloween items turns this game into a further particle show. The priority is definitely not on the heroes anymore


                    Hardbreaking that weaver is so off that he's not even listed here. I hope they buff that hero as well since he really offers nothing except extreme "occasionality".


                      Did you forget IO?

                      Tu odio me fortalece

                        Bring OD back. Make him steal int whit astral, and destroy ilusions and zoo.


                          "when was the last time you’ve seen a Clinkz or Sniper in the first position?"

                          U wot mate? Clinkz is huge in the pos 1 role right now. That's by far his highest win rate role.


                            Puppet Master please

                            Passer domesticus

                              No range carries??? Drow in evey fuckin game below 4k ???

                              Other than that I can only support the other statements in this thread. Why add another hero? Just rework the unviable ones or tune the environment to give them a chance.

                              The article rightfully mentions the prevalence of melee carries due to laneing changes and abyssal.

                              I also would like to add that battlefury has gotten a little out of hand. An item that is supposed to be a farming tool gives 50!!!! Damage to a melee carry and thus makes it viable into the lategame.

                              Running Magnus pos 5 is another abomination of this aspect.

                              The only lategame argument for BF should be Waveclear. melee carry itemization up to 3 slots is a no brainer in most cases, while u are constantly on your backfoot as ranged hero.


                                mid Snapfire with deso and crits + multishot talent works better than any other long range carry


                                  Eu so gostaria que as escolhas de funções limitasse a escolher heróis da função, exemplo suport dedicado , não deixar escolher jugger, lifesteal etc infelizmente a maior dificuldade do pessoal que quer jogar esse jogo a sério, são as pessoas que entram nele para bagunçar


                                    How about a strength Range hero. A Rock Giant. Give them a very long thrown attack range (I am thinking a rock). A Rolled Boulder targeted ability (a slow roll). A second ability to crush a boulder in hand and "blind" aoe opponents in a cone area. A dual ultimate.... Rock Spray to give limited aoe damage on auto attack hit... and Pillar - an ability to lift your opponent onto a stone pillar, damaging and trapping them for the duration.


                                      Actually, Monkey King is a range carry already... :P


                                        You were right!