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Jon Snowflake

    I must say, I enjoy this game mode a lot. Hope you too :)


      Nature's prophet




          Do the articles have limits? Why are there not bigger suggestion pools. Articles like this make all regions spam the heroes mentioned above if they weren't already

          Coco the male pig

            I don't know why enchantress isn't brought up more often. Pure damage vs high taffy count, hurricane pike with small map leading to easy vision, and enchanting big creeps in wave are all insanely strong.


              Spirit Breaker is the most op hero in Diretide, look at my recent match, I've tested most heroes and it seems he's the most op one.

               -jivotnoe 

                not a op but a "toxic hero" who just hit building...wr+nature they can play with 1/24 score and solo win the game what the hell

                consciousness expands

                  Arc Warden can defend buildings with bubble, splitpush and waveclear like crazy. Haven't lost with him yet.


                    spectre bm radi octa kills everyone with a single button

                    Saucy Edwin

                      Yeah imma be real, Slark is absolutely awful in this gamemode lol.

                      DV pomoika

                        Говно в которую никто не играет


                          Why doesn't Dotabuff provide the win rate and pick rate for Diretide like other websites?


                            People are out here posting tier lists for a 2 victory candy bonus


                              I like the artstyle

                              2006 macbook pro user

                                The guy who said slark is awful has been put through 7 brain lobotomies and was dropped from the top of a 5 story building as a child. There's some evidence that he was used as a javelin in the olympics 3 months after birth. Take everything he says with the same value of an uneducated, room temperature IQ third worlder

                                The Ancient One

                                  @KHAZAR MILKERS

                                  I find this offensive

                                  The Ancient One

                                    The last part


                                      Just pick Shadow Shaman Kappa


                                        L E S H A R K

                                        Richard Hard

                                          I love Pangolier for this game mode, I don’t buy any starting items just get javelin ASAP (you only need 100 gold). Then I get blink, mael, and SB Clear waves and get tons of candy, you can escape so easily with roll I’m always topping out on candy as Pango

                                          krad rees |

                                            Axe. If your team need a tanker, pick Axe

                                            Core... or Pudge!

                                              Leshrac is the true secret pick. He melds candy scarecrows faster than Clinkz with his W spell. He can easily push buildings, waves and pick off a lot of heroes.


                                                considering most of these heroes are typically banned i would argue the strongest heroes are dirge and enchantress. dirge dominates rounds 1 and 2 and enchantress is completely op in rounds 3 and 5, because you can change the creep equilibium by enchanting the big creep. round 3 can be just an insta lanewin with enchantress, since you have 2 creeps vs 0 for the first waves in the earlygame.