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      Another, and we can’t stress that enough, important part is that MKB will out-DPS Divine Rapier against targets with ~55 Armor. Volvo fix plz.

      if you have good rng :3


        Nice article


          ^^I think the assumption in such a case, and following the logic of the article's conclusion, is that the MKB wielder must have prepared for building very high attack speed by this point of the game, therefore the procs will come.

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          Wei WuXian

            alt Q alt W alt E alt R

            oye trnquilo viejo por que por que tan masoquista


              " Hence the third conclusion: on heroes with lower BAT, getting extra Attack Speed is stronger than on regular heroes "

              That's totally NOT how maths work


                So... moon shard and 2 rapiers on a jugg with aghs can still one shot every hero in this game

                Acid Snow

                  Definitely an enigma to the community, I never really bothered to understand them fully; more just generally. But it's nice to know after 15yrs that DPS can be balanced with either AS or Dmg items: never realized that.

                  учусь играть

                    good article

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                      "Heroes with lower BAT get more from AS, but it is already reflected on the character panel."
                      no. with a default attack speed of 100, you get 60% increased damage from a hyperstone for 2000 gold, no matter what your BAT is. The only thing that lowers the RELATIVE VALUE of attack speed is how much attack speed you already have. On clinkz and lifestealer, for example, attack speed is not super-valuable because of their inherent attack speed steroids, unless you already get huge attack damage values, or bash.

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                        also, the best rule of thumb for balancing your attack damage and attack speed: attack damage = attack speed +100
                        things change if you have bash or LD/troll root tho.


                          Yeah 55 armor = 78% physical reductian so Divine x 55 armor <=> 330-330*0.78=72.6 damage done
                          MKB = 75% chance of procing 100 magical dmg which is basically 75 magical damage on each attack, but given the base magic resist =>
                          MKB x Magical Resistance <=> 75*0.75=56.25
                          So my question is HOW THE **** is 72.6 outscaled by 56.25 or HOW is 72.6<56.25

                          BTW if u run some late game builds on most of the hard carries you will see that you will barely achieve 80% physical reduction, and you need 83% to equals MKB dmg output

                          P.S. thanks for trying to decive the community, its healthy for my mmr Numbers :D


                            Are you taking into account the damage MKB gives you? 42*0.22 is ~ extra 9.2 damage, so MKB is already at ~65 damage. And then there is +35 AS, which also increases DPS)

                            P.S. thanks for challenging my arguments, it's healthy for my ego)

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                              Very interesting article!

                              I would like to add that, generally, attack speed items are cheaper for the same benefit.
                              For example; Demon edge provides 42 damage for 2200, whilst Hyperstone provides 55AS for 2000 gold.
                              This means that for an optimum DPS/gold distribution, it is advantageous to build slightly more attack speed,
                              say 120AS to 100 damage.

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