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    Nice aticle, really helped. Please make a article on underused items by low mmr players such as faerie fire, raindrops and importance of using them.

    Jugo Boss

      Good article.

      주 롄양

        actually a relevant article from adm rofl


          @binod understanding early game items is something i will definitely look into! thanks for the idea


            How often is "pulling through" relevant these days? I don't play often enough to know if its still useful anymore

            Hangdog Honcho

              How often should I pull out?


                @Hangdog as often as u could


                  Really surprised not to see partial pulls mentioned. The new aggro rules let you do a lot more with pulls, the main one being that if you do it very early/late, you can get just one or two creeps from your wave, typically the ranged creep. This lets you deny a ranged creep right from the start, even to an unstacked kobold camp. Puppey has been doing this a lot, try it out.


                    These wards spot to block camp will help ! Thanks for the article.


                      Putin pidor

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                        BSJ is a virgin c00mer

                        Acid Snow

                          Cool beans, this is easily my weakest area of playing a support role.

                          Пегры недики

                            bruh you can just put a sentry in the middle of camp for deward, because now you can just deny your ward

                            Von Darkmoor

                              Theres mostly idiots reading this you should include agropulling NOTHING IS MORE ANNOYING THAN A CORE THAT CANT AGRO PULL!!!!!


                                Decent article man. Seems best to always stack then pull small camp and use that mostly