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      > Level three of the ability gives you access to Hellbear and Centaur with an AoE slow or stun, and this is where we see a lot of professional players start prioritizing other skills during level-ups.

      That is incorrect. Devour level two is enough to provide you an ability to eat those creeps.


        Thx, fixed!


          My only problem with Doom is that his ultimate transformed from "Doom" to "16 seconds of mildly annoying ultimate" not to mention many status resistance item such as Sange, Satanic and Titan Sliver reduced "Doom" to almost 50% of the time


            Yeah, it was uneasy looking at that thing race at 700 speed with his W, Drums and Dark Seer's Surge to catch someone like AM or QoP


              "given how busted the hero is in the professional scene"
              Doom is sitting at 45% winrate on the tournament, even being the one of the most contested picks in ESL, what the fuck are you even talking about

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                "he could easily be the strongest hero in pubs. Now is the best time to gain some free MMR, before the hero gets nerfed."

                As an old doom player, if you pick this hero now, most likely you will lose MMR rather than increasing it xD

                Better go pick other heroes.


                  Are you playing Blink dagger pos 3 ET?

                  Shogun's Decapitator

                    52% win rate is considered free mmr now? KawaiiSocks you need to take a break from writing about DOTA and try playing the game sometime. This isn't so much theorycrafting as it is theoryjerking. If you've played the game at all over the past couple weeks you'd know it is Clockwerk who is dominating the pubs currently... not Doom.

                    Perhaps you could hire a research assistant who actually plays DOTA to help you stay up to date so you're not guessing at what's currently going on in the game.

                    For Reference: 52% winrate ends up being over 500 games to rank up or around 100 games per star... you know free mmr.

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                      Classic dota community responses to this article. Jesus Christ nitpick harder.

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