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    1st to read it :D


      I rek with undying in trash tier, but I grab tombstone first to either get FB at the bounty or to own the first creep wave. Harass doesn't really work against him bc he's tanky early and if I can push with my tombstone and own the waves my enemies get demoralized early. Ofc this is trash tier I'm talking about, but undying is great early and as long as my team likes to fight, we should be getting rax by 20 min.




          Holy locket sounds like dog shit.

          Just go for a bracer and a stick into mek if you want to do something like that.

          Undying in a good place right now though, love the boy

          Tente manter a calma

            Two things I would like a change:

            1. Some way make him farm easier because undying is one of the most difficult heroes that farm.

            2. His level 25 reencarnation talent needs a rework/fix because in the end it is 7.5x wrath king ultimate.


              just wanna share, I have been a great fan of undying yah! your points pretty right his good in laning stage with the right amount of timing UNDYING is a decent hero to play and i love playing this hero! great stuff! kawaiisocks :)

              Hoodoo Operator.

                He's probably my favourite p5, lately I've been maxing decay, but given the advice in this article I'll go back to my old ways of maxing soul rip. Undying games tend to go one of three ways;

                - Escape big team fights with next to no health; win.
                - Die in basically every team fight; win.
                - Die in basically every team fight; lose.

                He can be frustrating to play because he has no decent wave clear, but as I say, he is my favourite 5.

                relax gameplay

                  Ja veri gud ero


                    I roll undying pos4

                    Acid Snow

                      I used to play Undying, I'll never forget solo killing a mid Storm Spirit, as a pos4 support. He tried to man fight me, and lost; we eventually lost the game though :(

                      Sexual Prime Minister

                        Let decay do more damage to creeps and hes perfect.


                          I got 3 ranks due to undying 5. Got like ~430 mmr in couple of days. Thanks KawaI.


                            He's a great 5 :D

                            lil chill

                              Лучший лайнер патчп