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    Pog guide


      PAWG guide would be better

      Acid Snow

        I pretty much only played Omniknight for the first 7 years of DotA 2, then they nerfed him into the ground a year or so ago, and I then gave up on the hero. And although I usually play position 4/5, he really does kick some butt when he has farm priority. ...I absolutely always make him into a tank, and front line for my team in most fights - lots of deaths, but the enemies usually bust their load on me, and my team mops up. I'll have to check him out with his recent buffs, it's been a while since I purified my enemies :)


          Still not worth the try, since there are more useful offlaners out there :)


            Omniknight-LS-Pudge-Tide are so garbage, they need huge reworks case closed.

            Dark Hunter

              ^ Tide is actually pretty decent in low 3k bracket. Just get a vlads, then pipe if you need it, into shiva's you dont need blink. You just walk into the middle of a teamfight, anker smash, ult, anker smash again and gg wp


                Garena boyos used to mid him with phase radi deso