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    Furion's aghs is straight-up feeding gold
    Core Weavers don't build Aghs. Utility core Weaver is weak AF compared to damage-dealing core Weaver. If you built it on utility support Weaver, sure

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      double jebait when content is more misleading than the title


        NP's aghanim is literally for feeding, not any useful, in fact a downgrade if against a powerful wave clearer
        LD is not even an utility, and neither does Ursa and Ember Spirit
        Puck rarely use his aghanim unless late game or against jugg/lifestealer/pango
        Centaur also didn't have enough space for his aghs. You will need all 6 item to came online (Crimson, Pipe, Blink, Tarras, BM and boots) and aghs is probably last line of defense.
        the rest are fine, but splish splash your opinion trash


          i think it depends on the team setup. no agha can be good in the right teamplay


            - UTILITY Aghs build review
            - NP/LD are the first two heroes mentioned

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              Tidehunter is an excellent choice to Aghs.
              2200 range gush with area effect, can control lanes and teamfights. When upgraded with the talents can deal 340 dmg and 11 armor reduction

              Troll Among Us

                Legend V wrote this article...interesting 🤔
                Dotabuff should have a required MMR to write such ‘guides’ imo. Just think about countless number of newbies who would rush aghs on Furion after reading this

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                  Yongelee was Divine 1 when he started writing for Dotabuff, I didn't even notice that he dropped hard in MMR until you pointed it out KEKW

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                      I thought he was going to mention my Jakiro's agh, with increased dmg, cast range, and duration. Then at lvl 25 he has talent which is pure and pierces spell immunity.


                        Thanks for mentioning fusion agh in here enemy just tried this build in ranked and it practically griefed his whole team.




                            lol NP aghs is a mistake, they can provide free farm to an enemy if the player mis-manage its treants