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    Oook again ssir


      Благодаря таким вот гайдам у меня на аккаунте 3к порядка и около -200 слитого рейта

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        I have won about 200 mmr by playing clinkz support. It worked before 7.26a,b, because of clink's ability to push very fast. Now games last much longer, but clinkz still shows himself good. What you should consider is that clinkz should buy save items and team items, not medallion etc. And better to play in party, because many players insta give up after seeing clinkz 4th


          Please stop


            You Moron's have a duty of care for my matches. When you post articles like this the spastics who read them do not realise that they are not the top 100 teir one player that can pull this off. So, instead they pick pos 4 clinkz and the team invariably has 0 stuns. Can you please take this down, or you will be hearing from my lawyer shortly.


              What is hard to pull off about clinkz?

              As you can see, both Clinkz and Sniper got nerfed today. So stop crying and let people play what they want, because the chance might be - they know more than you. At least they don't play the same way for years and dumb the game down.

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                You don't even mention neutral items. Imp claw. Life is sorted.


                  This is farming patch and not brawl patch, I can't see support clink this patch


                    Kawaiisocks wrote about support DP was nice, but you ruined it with your support clinkz. What support skills does clinkz have? No disable, no nukes, only damage. Please report this trash article.


                      We discuss the topics together) And I actually think that support Clinkz can be a thing in some specific drafts. His -armor effects are pretty strong in the early game, his snowball potential through Death Pact is pretty high and if he can kill the enemy four before they get a chance to cast any of their spells in a temfight, Clinkz's contribution is kind of adequate. +he can push really, really well and has some flexibility in his builds. It's not a "first pick in Solo Q" type of hero and more of a "playing with buddies and having tons of control, but lacking in damage by the third pick" type of hero. Again, super-specific, but not actually bad by any means.


                        its especific - cause you need farm to deal dmg in mid game and late game - and support farming means your core will suffer - so No its not ideal - no stun - only provide vision but if you behind he can not provide vision and he will feed - no slow - no burst dmg-
                        its very very nich you need 2 cores that fights with cheap items then you can farm with clinz also


                          It really can work, and the roaming capabilities are amazing with it. Let me refer to the current rank 1 in ladder player Cr1t He effectively suggested his team to take off/cores with slows and disables so all his ganks worked. Tusk, Beastmaster, Sven, PA all work great with pos 4 Clinkz. On every kill your damage goes up, and its not long until it starts snowballing out of control.

                          Of course if you have no clue how to roam/gank/know who you can kill then its useless. You farming isnt really the point with this hero. If you have good cores with it you can just gank. I think Cr1t had like 40LHs at the end. He plays the hero as pos 4 quite frequently.

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                            why dont u stop writing craps like this? just had a clinkz 4 and he ruined the game. went for medallion deso and farmed whole the jungle without having any impact on the game. just go fuck urself please.


                              In high level pubs, there is a very great emphasis on the laning stage, this is where any strong early gamer, even a viper can work as pos4. For lower ranked pubs in legend and below, the clinkz is better off as a carry with tusk as a support. Why dont ask him to play pos4 clinkz in legend rank and below?

                              WITNESS ME! I WILL TAKE R...

                                KawaiiSocks, thank you for your articles! I really enjoy reading this series and your insights are appreciated. Ignore the trolling / flaming in the comments please :) none of our MMRs even matter anyway IDK why they're being so salty about other people being open-minded and experimenting in a fun game


                                  >Why dont ask him to play pos4 clinkz in legend rank and below?

                                  You really think the highest rated player on the EU server would have a problem winning games in legend and below?
                                  Please just stop commenting, it's embarrasing.


                                    Actually did very well with it until the searing arrow nerf.


                                      i played him a fair bit supp. and it's realy fun. but you need to be ahead. if you fall behind you will be useless. try to aim for cheap fighting item such as medaillon, difu, to offset your lack of farm. what's realy important is to build skeleton walk>dark pact>searing arrow


                                        To put it simply for simple minds:

                                        -He deals tons more damage than other Pos 4 supports.
                                        -His ultimate is great for teamfights and zones weak/squishy enemy supports if well placed
                                        -Death Pact is a great early ability in the hands of good players. Damage stacking is superb if used well
                                        -Searing arrows, low mana LOT of early game damage
                                        -Fast movement, sniping couriers, easily rotating without wasting TPs for ganks
                                        -Forces enemies to waste gold on detection (but you are just a support so yaay)


                                        -No reliable disables
                                        -Noobs can't play support Clinkz and will feed
                                        -Need to play right in the laning stage w/o feeding to be effective

                                        With all these advantages, Clinkz is a very unique and CHEESE pick in the right situation. Why do you think Kuroky, one of the BEST Dota players started experimenting with it?