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    "There’s the safe lane where you’re expected to win. The off lane where you’re expected to lose."
    As an offlaner, I think it's the other way around. Atleast in my games.

    aikyu3 SuBi ♪

      ^ weird flex but ok

      Tu tayta

        You’re position 2, so your farm priority is basically the highest on your team.


        Natalie Sup'Portman

          You should also mention this is the most sensitive player on the team. If he gets one tip after he dies or makes a mistake, he wil either abandon or farm the jungle afk until you lose.

          And like Psycho says, I do feel like the safelane isn't the one you're meant to win. You're meant to enable the carry to farm at a decent level, but winning these lanes seems a bit optimistic most times (Ofc depending on the matchup). After all, what can a spectre, void or naga really do? Especially against offlaners like Pit Lord, Timbersaw, LC + Abaddon, Slardar and Lina, SK and Lina, DK and Kotl etc...


            ^^ exactly


              So many issues with this article...


                Invoker? OD? SF? Storm? Those are bane of all new player. Reccomend a much easier hero like Viper, Lina and Dragon Knight will help them


                  isnt TA and SF really strong right now? they don't really want to fight till they hit a power spike which is usually around 15+ mins. farming mids are really good atm. stop influencing new players with the way you think the game should be played


                    99% comments here are from heralds... Like op wrote above the mid player should be the highest skilled player in team. The real dota in 2-3k braket - mid or safe players are in 99% lowest rank ppl in team. I am winning 80% of my games on offlane to min 10 mark when my briliante cores picking PA vs timber or sniper vs SS etc... losing lane almost everytime... And nothing you can do, because they refuse any advices according to they pick... My beloved game became sht in 2017 after mmr algorithm has been changed. And now is getting worst when old players leaving and new coming. How it can work when 10000 matches player is with the same bracke as 300matches (not smurf)... Pathetic...

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                      best Venge EU

                        lmao crusader 5 is calling everyone here heralds while everyone else is 2 medals above him at least .
                        The article is full of shit written by a player who doesnt play mid as you can see from profile.

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                          Sorry Yongelee but these comments are all right; this article feels like what I would've written almost 6 years ago when I was new to the game and thought everything like the mid is the tempo controller, the safelane is an instant win, the offlane is expected to lose etc was true. It feels like you're describing a fixed snapshot of an old meta. Dota is flexible and your article is making it sound completely rigid. If these articles are supposed to be introducing people to Dota righting in absolute terms is really unhelpful as people will think there is a fixed way to play the game and we all know that isn't true.


                            tfw you still suck at dota


                              This article was meant for a general introduction for new players to get to know the main aspects of being a mid player. I wasn't trying to convey every possible outcome for what mid roles could potentially be in every situation.

                              Yes Dota 2 is flexible, two games are rarely the same. It's impossible to write an article about the infinite potentials of what a Dota 2 game could evolve into. But the general idea for a mid player is to be the lead player of their team and set the tempo and lead plays for their team. Should a new player learn a different way to play mid?

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                                    It's mostly the other way around for Safelanes and Offlanes. Offlanes pick heroes that tend to be much stronger when 2v2. If it's 1v2 or a completely useless offlane pick, then yeah maybe.
                                    Lol and being a "pos 2" gives highest farm priority? No, that's the carry bro


                                      You're expected to win your safelane, cause usually as carry you'll know the match up and can counter pick their offlane, but usually safe laner will sacrifice early game advantage for a better late game hero, so it depends on the hero, but safe laner should never lose lane and still be capable of farming.

                                      All said apart winning your lane is esential for consistently gaining mmr.

                                      Zeus Ammon

                                        My teammates are virus

                                        Hungry Goomba

                                          Ugh, what a terrible article. Position 2 has a lower farm priority than pos 1. Not only that, pos 2 is not supposed to farm for the late game, as pos 1 does. Pos 2 is supposed to farm up to the point that they can make plays, and then go around making plays, typically during the mid game.


                                            that silly guide can help only 50-games new players, but in future it will make them worse

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