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      If you dont have AA buy a fucking vessel and he is done

      F L E E T W A Y

        ^ He removes vessel by pressing ult btw :D

        Memelord Ozai

          No mention of Silver Edge?


            Silver edge is good too. But he's still OP for now


              Viper is a really tough opponent for Huskar. Also Silver Edge kills quite rapidly as well as does Spirit Vessel. Also stunning Huskar is very effective as well. There was a period in 7.23 where Huskar was very good even in my pubs, but the meta has shifted to have so much cc and burst damage like PA, Jugg, Lion etc. That you have to pick your battles, basically Huskar is again a last pick hero to have one of those unstoppable games... He is by no means impossible to win against.


                Kind of wanna put Bane out there too, his disable is excellent to take care of single-target problems like Huskar, and the sleep is a nice backup to disengage him should the ulti be on cd.


                  Everyone says viper, however, a seasoned huskar player has no issue vs a viper. All viper does is make sure I'm not allowed to YOLO dive you at 6 unless you were braindead and used your nethertoxin on me first allowing me to jump you. I still harrass vipers out of lane.
                  This article does mention plausible ways to deal with him though.


                    VIPER and break him


                      Pretty sure PA does wonders too. Huskar’s got too little armor already and those crits will do wonders against his low HP. That’s not even mentioning her evasion which stops burning spears from hitting her very well.

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                          ^But that's not "dealing with Huskar" it is "dealing with Dota" in general)


                            I'd counter Huskar with Rotund'jere

                            Tulpa with chainsaw

                              I was waiting for this time, when Huskar will start breathe in pubs again


                                Back in my yee old day Brewmaster could easely 1v1 huskar early. Shame it has changed.


                                  Just pick Necro.

                                  Yami Yugi

                                    Dealing with him early game is very annoying


                                      Dude pick Necro. Specially if you managed to build early dagon. Wait huskar to use ulti, then dagon + scythe to victory.


                                        Huskar is a fucking trash aganst me,I know evrything about him and know what to pick for easy VVin


                                          Viper is the hard counter and anyone saying otherwise is just low level trash.

                                          Yami Yugi

                                            everyone saying counter, but I am a first pick pos 5 or 4, so damn I hate that guy


                                              break passive like Nyx / Viper / or rush SE.
                                              stop the regen like Vessel
                                              or just counter hero like AA / Necro or some physic carry at late.

                                              реальный татар

                                                пт? а как же фазы


                                                  Your TI9 predict sucks

                                                  [ZOV] HEKTO!

                                                    As NYX - blocking Huskar ult with carapace, then make mana burn, stun, blademail, and ult, then can make mana burn again and if you have abyssal make him, then 1st skill close to cd

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