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      So. I get the fact that the meta has become sort of boring. But it's funny, that final game, everybody is groaning about the alch pick.

      Yet...Alch isn't in the highest win rate of a hero picked more than 20 times. In fact, he only had a 57.14% win rate on 21 picks.

      That's not game-breaking.

      Plus, at TI, Mirana only showed up in 47 games with a 51% win rate, and Gyro was the 16th highest hero picked.


        I like how the most contested, most picked, and most banned heroes were separated as to highlight each part's talking points rather than it being lumped together, but some points and stats do overlap among sections.
        Night Stalker and Mirana need serious nerfs, that much is clear from this event. You can't be a top 5 contested hero, or top 5 banned hero, and retain a >60% winrate with more than 20 games played.
        Nc article, hope you can continue the good streak

        Gachi is Manly

          What I hate most against Mirana is that she can turn the whole enemy team into Slark with shadowblade which if used correctly, it could become a free SOD.

          Oh also the Arrow CD reduc talent also actually super good, now going against mirana means you need to watch out for arrow much more frequently instead of being able to relax after an arrow miss or hit

          She also provides really good AOE burst damage with the agha and spell amplify talent

          Mirana is a better CM early game since if she needs money or exp, she can just kill any big creep with just 100 mana

          Hoodoo Operator.

            @ETdAWESOME I agree NS and Mirana need nerfs. I hope they don't hit NS too hard, as historically he's been either god tier or total trash. It would be nice to see him settle down for once. I love playing Mirana, but that bitch needs to cool down, way too impactful at the moment.