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    i wont play until this hero get nerf , this hero + new system make game not fun anymore (so many booster in immortal)


      Alchemist has been a strong 1 man army with forced GPM increase. But with current meta, all you can do are either banning him or playing his game. Normally, Alchemist is a hybrid for Pushing and Ganking line up (Dominantly Ganking) and usually is followed up by heavy supports and tempo carry.

      For countering, Ancient Apparation has been nightmare for regen-based heroes (Huskar, Legion Commander, Morphling, etc.) But with current meta, this dude is basiclly creep with spells. While Doom, although counter many heroes, Alchemist can survive Doom if left without follow up Doom is also weak against armor reduction, therefore he's best left alone. Razor were the decent part since he's the strongest against attack speed based carry while can accelerate farm to transition for survivability (Force Staff, BKB, Eul, etc.) Most snowballing support (Tusk, Earthshaker, Ogre Magi) can keep Alchemist in his toes while securing bounty rune. I also reccomend greedy carry and frontline offlane to easily kite him.

      Item build can varies but here are list of item should be bought in general (based on position)
      Main Item
      1. Black King Bar, Desolator
      2. Eul, Linken's Sphere
      3. Crimson Guard, Solar Crest
      4. Spirit Vessel, Force Staff
      5. Lots of ward (srsly, you will need a lot of them to block his farm), Glimmer Cape
      Cores : Nulifier, Monkey King Bar, Abbysal Blade, Assault Cuirass, Scythe of Vyse
      Support : Aeon Disk, Guardian Greaves, Eul
      Basicly reduce his armor at all cost, nulify his damage (item included) as much as you can while maintaining your teammate's armor. In reality, things can go chaos on a teamfight but always keep on his BKB duration and his Ultimate's duration.

      Tldr; Ban him or Play his game


        As a pos 4 or 5 you deal with alch by picking AA. Even if that doesn't work out you block every camp in their jungle and keep your team there. while pushing mid and the enemy safe lane. It works. Alch usually doesn't skill concoction until late so early ganks can help set him back.




            So u want to nerf me eh?


              another long post TI patch with annoying hero...


                Blocking camp and kiting works? Pfft, he won't have 56% wr in immo games if those things are the only thing u needed to shutdown alche. Blocking camp is useless since he can just buy gem to deward all, unless you can contest map control so they can't deward at all. AND if you have map control, you won't need to block the camp. Alche so strong because he has 9 scnds CD concotion at lvl 15 or lvl 10 and he has extra 50 damage that allows him to kill pretty much anyone with well executed combo.

                He is OP because the current build allows him to come online fast while still having massive power up throughout the game


                  Well I don't agree with you Aqua. Buying sen 3 blocking the camp is quite useful especially against alche. Normally, alche won't buy gem for such an early game so they will buy sen3 and come deward. But just imagine a sen3 not even cost you 100 gold can make alche lose 2 NC camp to farm is actually worth it. If their support forget to buy sen3 and that idiot alche start blaming support to deward wasn't it the drama u wan it to happen? But u need to communicate with your team pressure hard on alche and force alche farm jungle. Then u and ur team try to win the war at the jungle to gain advantage. What dotabuff here saying is when alche ady gain advantage at early stage, we can be more aggresive ruin alche early game Is much more effective

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                  Eat Pasta Run Fasta!

                    Deny the chance of making money passively, on Alchemist, could it be something?


                      The thing is, if your support can dwell deep inside Enemy's jungle midgame, then the game is pretty much winning.
                      You need to place sen to block camp, enemy support would have already placed obs before you could plant sentry and they would TP to punish you for dwelling so deep. The case of blocking 2-3 camps isn't that effective to alche as he could choose other safer camps.


                        He is in safelane got 2 supports, most gankers end up feed him lmao

                        долбоебам не сапорчу

                          Как бороться с алхимиком БЕЖАТЬ!!!

                          supp0rt picker

                            Remove concoction talent. That is the most op talent in dota .


                              good luck try to be calmed and find team coordination in pubs game. at least in 3k scrubs bracket. ban him or git gud is the only way.


                                It really ez to counter him, go look at profile. I'm top 800 and mostly I always beat him if their mid of offlane can't solo SOLO carry him

                                Clairo fanboy

                                  Just pick pos 4 hero that can contest him at 6-10 minute and his game basically ruined


                                    Ну, такое

                                    주 롄양

                                      You dont need to ward all their jungle, just put 2-3 ward on central camp so alch need to take more time to walk from camp-to-camp and get less efficient farming pattern


                                        Your TI9 predict sucks


                                          Look how they massacred my boy