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Ducktor Who

    Poor alliance, but they put a smile on their face and carried on.
    That's very respectable.

    Acid Snow

      What a blunder by Alliance, just a real mistake that won't ever be forgotten. ...Weather it was a game-losing mistake or if it wouldn't have mattered in the end, is up for speculation.


        Watching that game, Alliance had every opportunity to win with the heroes they had. They just under-performed in a few key fights that game. It's a shame, they were my dark horse to go deep this TI. Maybe not win, but maybe do an epic lower bracket run to top 6 or 8. That team has a lot of heart, but ultimately insania's slip up was a small blunder in the grand scheme of them dropping out this early.

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          I agree. When I saw Gyro I didn't think it was a missed ban, but rather a throwback to old days with a position three Void. It worked decently well as a surprise, but turns out it was a surprise to both RNG and Alliance. It also almost worked. Sad to see them go like that, but I don't think community should concentrate on that mistake, but rather think of all the other small mistakes all teams make throughout their games. Stronger, more experienced team could definitely win that game with these lineups and I am sure Alliance will get there. "That team has a lot of heart" is an apt description for sure.


            Dont know why but seeing that video of alliance mispicking and teammates cheering up the cap even after the misclick makes me feel sad and but also happy , bittersweet . Im not a fan of those guys but these guys have my sympathy man .