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    Dude tbh, if they don't play with the full hero pool it's not Dota. Like right now these bots are playing baby dota. Can their processing perform with the full hero pool which would probably increase the overall number of variables they are currently dealing with by billions or quadrillions?

    Yeah... um it's cool story bro. But these bots need to get the full hero pool before I will consider them good at Dota.

    blake bortles

      Nice try OpenAI


        Tokadub. Openai wont release full hero pool in public if they know its not pro level. Thats why they didnt release 25 hero version and instead released 17. But expect a good at dota bot if ever they released one.


          Full hero pool OpenAi is question of when, not if.


            I guess people were scared and skeptical the same when they saw a steam railroad locomotive outperforming horse carriages aprox. 200 years ago


              I think OpenAI would need many years, maybe even up to a decade or two, to learn Dota to win at professional levels, if they played it at its fullest form. All heroes available, all items usable. Imagine the billions of intricacies involved in the team compositions alone: the bots would get dumbfounded in the draft alone. With each pick, comes different matchup knowledges, different ways to play, different interactions.
              How do they account for more technical heroes? Multi-unit micro heroes like LD, Meepo, Invoker, Visage, Chen, etc?
              Mechanically, sure they’d be able to match up to pros. But will they be able to truly process everything? It will be a while.

              Guan Yin Ma

                Can't wait to play against them, but with all heroes unlocked.


                  wanna see a openAI playing normal 5v5


                    I think OpenAI would need many years, maybe even up to a decade or two, to learn Dota to win at professional levels,

                    Did you read the the article for f*ck sake?! OpenAi already win against OG, the 1st champion of TI8


                      ^you’re an imbecile. You conveniently cropped out the phrase immediately after “if they played it at its fullest form”. Currently, OpenAI is restricted to a select SET of heroes, and also have restrictions on a few items.


                        The winner of TI9

                        Красный Богатырь

                          что мы проигрываем и в таких вещах как интуиция...


                            i wanna see openai play against a pl or something psuedo random where they actually cant just calculate and bs there way through the game

                            Yami Yugi

                              @ETdAWESOME lol Mr Niceguy is just a name huh? If not a sarcasm :axe_laugh:


                                Btw, the hero with the highest winrate against the AI is Riki. For exactly the same reason why he is broken on pubs, because most of the time not even the AI will have true sight. The OpenAI developers made a huge mistake and decided that only the 2 supports on the team should carry true sight so their cores cant never kill you without help from their supports unless if they have enough damage to kill you in 3 seconds. So get Aeon Disk and split push your way into victory.

                                I managed to get dozens of wins against the AI just by playing Riki. Turns out the AI will only try to reveal you if they see you going invi, which means once you get level 25 and get Clock and Dagger Doesnt Revel you are a fucking god because the AI doesnt even try to revel you unless if you go under tower.

                                If they counted Cooperative games I would already be in the top of the Leaderboards. Now I am trying to find people to team up with me to exploit Dota most nonsense mechanic into countless easy games.

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                                  People might complain why the restriction of Summon (Necro) or Multiple unit (Manta) items at this time. I've been thinking about this for quite some time now and they might just wanna reconsider this kind of rant.

                                  The moment heroes like PL, Meepo, Arc Warden, Chen, Lone Druid (possibly the easiest case here) enters the OpenAI hero pool, I am expecting a ton of further negative rants from the community regarding the superior ability to micro manage far from humans. You might see 4 or even 5 meepos farming different parts of the map if they see it optimal and can easily poof to a single location needing a response.

                                  Also, how about a 100% manta dodge every time whenever possible? :)

                                  I am also thinking how will the AI learn to use "delayed" spells like Lina LSA, Mirana arrow, Pudge hook as these skills need an "advanced" perception where the target is going to by the time the spell lands without any initial stun coming from another source. Or probably now, they won't throw anything at all without a prior lock down.

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                                  Mi4 (1)

                                    Я думаю, задрот Течиса на изи раскатает сверхразум)))

                                    Brad Bowyer

                                      Might as well reduce hero pool to 10, then you get 100% winrate all the time!

                                      buddha 2

                                        why do people have such a hard time understanding that the bot is improving? when it finally plays dota exactly like everyone else does then will it not count because "theyre not really moving their mouses in a fair way, not real dota"?


                                          Pudge with mom > Open AI


                                            One of the biggest issues of a human team is communications.

                                            Where there any infos if open ai has a need for communications?
                                            Or is it more like one instance of open ai is controlling all 5 heroes?

                                            Victorious Fighting Buddha

                                              jesus christ calm your tits down man the developer made open ai to test their learning algorithm not to win ti


                                                ETO GG!


                                                  I'll be honest it felt more like watching a dota 2 aimbot than some omnipotent being.

                                                  Yami Yugi

                                                    You might see 4 or even 5 meepos farming different parts of the map if they see it optimal and can easily poof to a single location needing a response.

                                                    Yeeees hahahaha, maybe even worse in case of arc warden full items micro, or PL running every clone to every direction possible, or Chen pulling and stacking while stayed in lane


                                                      Именно по этому, что боты такие крутые у них пул 20 героев из 100. Дайте пул 100 героев и возможность использовать ВСЕ механики игры - боты будут спокойно отлетать даже от стака 3к пацанов. Зачем намеренно резать игру так, как удобно ботам, а после обвинять людей в том, что они плохо играют? Это как в гонке с инвалидами-колясочниками вас тоже садят на коляску, но вы можете просто пробежать быстрее них, в чем смысл?