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    Please don't let people know about my favorite Naga carry pick




        Naga has been overpowered and undiscovered since 7.2 came out. Amazing she has went this long. Pairing her with dazzle literally is an auto win with the -20 armor after medallion,naga passive and dazzle ulti.
        Not to mention dazzle is a lane winner.
        and to top it off shadow wave is absolutely incredible to top off her root and illusions for an easy 400 damage nuke.


          When is Luna ever not the right pick? It's like playing Marth in Smash Bros.

          Brünk Hüll


            She is really easy to exploit, especially with early game heroes. Pretty much anything that likes to get blink as they are usually quite bursty early on, and anything that goes through BKB (axe). Despite being able to farm fast, she's fairly reliant on defensive items (rare to see her without lifesteal, bkb, and butterfly purchases, if not all three) so picking her really leaves you open to aggression early before she mitigates her sponginess.

            ALSO she's horrible against anything with illusions. Can't effectively use your ulti or destroy barracks fast if your glaives and beams keep bouncing to fake lancers yeeting towards you oh man I'm so sorry for using the word yeet. Twice.


              where is tb? extremely op hero lose lane go jungle come out at min 23 with manta skadi and win game. absurdly op


                lol tb is extremely weak right now, he needs manta and bkb to do anything


                  hahaha is seriously lycan top meta?
                  I already lost count of how many lycans with those builds I've seen losing on a professional circuit...

                  Intellectually Bankrupt

                    Juggernaut has been really strong ever since they reworked Omnislash. I do think the rework makes more sense, but it was so absurdly strong at the time that even though it's been nerfed several times, he's still incredibly strong.