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    And all i see here is unconventional offlaners like bh, another carry or just any random hero at this point


      what about Undy


        Undy is a pos that gets melted buy any meta carry and that has close to 0 armor and gets pushed out of lane in matter of seconds by enemies with at least half a brain. After being pushed out of lane, Undy can't really roam, can't jungle and can't flashfarm lane, so he remains a pos and a liability for his team if he gets even a bit contested in lane.


          UD is good as a pressuring laning support 4 or a hard 5, but never a truly good offlane...

          I was thinking though... no one mentioned viper?

            hw about bh ? i can ez make fast item at 3k


              When you remove the Ursa factor, I've been finding a lot of success with Enchantress; Sand King has also been proving beneficial.

              Saucy Edwin

                Can't believe they didn't even mention Brew. That hero is really good against a lot of the hyper carries in this meta and sees quite a bit of success in pro level games


                  OfGreyHairWaifu Time to fix your english and practice dota a bit , undying has always been a good hero for the offlane and still is.

                  Max Payne

                    Have you tried sandking with sandstorm build? with veil of discord and greaves item. Works wonder for me. Legend 4 to ancient 1 heheheh


                      no brewmaster? that hero is so strong right now


                        where is prophet???????????/


                          Undy is not good as a solo offlaner vs trilanes, but completely pwns double lanes and snowballs really hard if he gets to skullfuck the enemy carry in early.


                            very nice, Beastmaster main coming in. Buff him in the next patch tho please ;)


                              Please dont be warning people about Dark Seers potential


                                I feel like doom and slardar are really strong pos 3 right now

                                Lord Griffith

                                  VIper offlane works bitches

                                  Anthem Blue Cross

                                    How about Viper and Brew? Oh Lord


                                      What about Underlord?



                                        aikyu3 SuBi ♪

                                          FFS all "what about" comments, what about your mom? Stay in 1k :)
                                          Tide is afraid of Naix, and of course, Ursa.

                                          Reverse The Curse

                                            DK offlane ?

                                            i am kenough

                                              No necrophos? He is top winrate in the offlane right now

                                              Player 198581627

                                                Fuck everyone double lane with my Earthshaker, but it is not a good oflaner....

                                                грайм легенда

                                                  Nature prophet in offlane looks good


                                                    Where is ck pos3

                                                    John Weak⁓

                                                      Been spamming wk for quite sometime and had my mmr increased by 800.