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    one me


      Oracle is good when you have good communication else you want to use your skill for yourself, like when using ult you either need to heal them out or going all in (since it's pretty mucha glorified shallow grave). Using his ult for running without healing is pretty a waste


        This is actually correct in all sense and this requires heavy thought. Nice analysis


          thirst!!! :)


            Once had enemy MK rq a ranked game, because of repeated jingu mastery purge.

            [WBV]Coolidge Prosperity

              He's my most-played hero. The change for Fates Edict making it non-disjointable a while ago was probably the biggest change on him becoming viable.


                I should play him more but it's a little bit long to master his spells. He has 4 skills but so many possibilities

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                Crazy OverDrive

                  ahhh so currently using oracle..still training


                    This hero should be removed from the game.

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                      Last part of article made me cry don't do this to my favorite hero. It was a nice time when this hero was also good but was never mentioned as overpowered

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                      Ducktor Who

                        Honestly anybody with quickcast turned on can play this hero now.

                        Ritsu x boni = 0 IQ

                          Most broken pos 5 rn, waiting for nerfs ;)


                            Lol ppl still playing this game?


                              Hope they wont nerf him too much...

                              Jorge de Guzman

                                I'm spammimg oracle as support right, now truly effective! Makes me reach 5k faster.


                                  Purifying flames does pure damage why would it be affected by MR?


                                    Purifying Flames is Magical damage and does not go through MR


                                      This is the problem with icefrog. When a hero doesn't get picked too much in the pro scene he will assume that it's too weak and buff it until it becomes way too strong. Then proceed to nerf it again. Idk about you guys, but I generally prefer heroes' power levels to stay the same throughout. I don't really like this "flavor of the month" thing or "meta heroes" tbh. It gets old too quickly.


                                        Uh... just pick axe?


                                          actually the only reason Oracle is good is because he is one of the few heroes in the game with a purge that targets enemies

                                          I wish he had an Attack Speed or Damage talent so he could make use of his 1.4 BAT like Crystal Maiden and her silly 250AS

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                                          Brünk Hüll

                                            Having a small amount of experience with the hero myself and a regular teammate who....well at this point he just calls the entire game 'Oracle' instead of Dota, I feel very much like Oracle is the Invoker of supports. It's all about the application of the skills that makes the hero insane. Things to keep in mind: your ultimate has a STRONG dispel. Fortune's End purges in a 300 unit radius upon reaching the target, on top of the damaging and rooting. Edict lasts about as long as Chronosphere. You can deny your own creeps with flames if you coordinate with your lane partner. You cannot kill your own teammates with flames, but assuming you get aghs, it is possible to stack too many flames during false promise (I think it's 6 or more begins to reduce total healing). If you lane with a close quarters carry, the enemy is more likely to misjudge the damage output of purifying flames and escape the range of your carry but not you. In other words, you have a fantastic probability for netting first blood.

                                            Namul Niram

                                              Oracle spammer chiming in, been playing him for over a year now, ever since he got the Fortunes End not being disjointable his viability became even more powerful, in addition to now cancelling TP's. I think his healing is fine, but i believe his mana costs are a bit too low for what his hero does as well as him having a bit too much magic damage in the early game.


                                                Been saying this since months. Only problem is it doesnt work under 3k bracket. Lost so many games with score 20-1 cause u own laning phase and cant do much after that when your cores suck. They do not even realise you can heal up to 2000hp and run instead of man up and win fight.


                                                  Are you kidding me? Hey KimoiSocks where's the credit on the image?