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    Isnt he good late game since he can take out supports very quickly?


      Slower than other heroes that fit the same position, that is.


        Tusk would destroy supports lane game if people stopped making irrelevant items for him like Vladmir and Spirit Vessel, instead bought meaningful items like Desolator and Solar Crest, both of which have synergy with his Tag Team and Punch.

        "His presence in pubs isn’t as dominant?" Tusk has 29.28% pick rate on high mmr, the 5th most picked hero.


          my fav pos 4 now

            Guuz he is a support not a core, he doesnt have the farm for a desolator solar crest and there needs to be a vlads in 100% of teams.


     desolator is a luxury, but solar crest is a must and medallion itself already has a big impact, eventually people gonna realize that vlads isnt important like they think it is.

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                get Aghs, for fun

                offlaner ≠ supp

                  @guuz you need to take off that core-only mentality when theorizing about a support


                    I prefer playing tusk as a pos 3 with more carry centric items.


                      In immortal it is picked every single game. Think I never seen a game without tusk as it is broken.......


                        Hmm -- Tusk with Phase/Vlads/Crimson basically just walks in kills a support & walks out alive ; current tusk has no problems getting xp/kills/gold and honestly transitions damn well into late game with walrus punch talents


                          better than spirit breaker meta

                          broken system

                            lmao if i see a support tusk rushing a deso, i'm not expecting a win. @guuz

                            MM.Ugh Brock Hall


                              I get why you'd want to do that, but in the current configuration of Tusk it makes a lot more sense to put him in a supporting role. The fact that he can roll in, carrying his teammates along with him and provide an aura that increases the damage PER HIT means it would be better just to be around and alive to boost the damage that your Troll or Windranger (bad examples for meta but good examples for attack speed) cores can put out than to steal the farm priority for your mediocre attack speed self. Tusk can do great damage on his own, but can't do great damage for an entire fight like your main cores will be able to do. I don't mind the concept of making him a hard 3 as much as I mind the idea of putting carry items on him, but as we are still sitting on a mostly dual lane meta, it makes more sense to boost a true carry into the stratosphere from the 4 position.