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    First (:


      lol ogre magi good "initiator"... give him tide ulti icefrog just for memes

      kimi no sei

        4x ravage when


          Dotabuff getting quiet eh, first comment is not any special now


            I should try Brew as pos 5 huhuhu :D


              I would add that Morphling was contested pretty hard, though the hero isn't looking to be a top pick, especially as DreamLeague minor kicked it, he seems to be losing steam.


                If you try Brew POs 5 People will flame you, telling you to pick a "good" support.
                Happend to me few times now


                  People know :D

                  ـMr. PoopyBUGhole<

                    At least brew is better than fucking legion

                    your whore (твоя мать)

                      brew is a very strong lane hero. destroying pubs in my 4.5k (by me xD) and enemy's carry also, just oracle/lich can surely not lose lane 2/2 vs brew


                        time to bring back the traditional trilanes


                          Necro and tb every game


                            Ogre offlane is horrible no matter what, like you wrote yourself the hero has no scaling at all
                            so please dont incentive that non sense, I lose every single game that a stupied teammate gets a Ogre offlaner because he thinks it is the “meta”


                              Since pros have been trying out unorthodox position 5s, what about a position 5 magnus? That maxes out empower first to buff his cores? He may not be able to land good RPs without blink but his skewer allows him to get into position to at least land one...


                                witch doctor am i ?


                                  To me, every hero can support, even drow ranger or meepo. It's just how you manage.


                                    I know some guy try sniper support, doesn't end well for him lols

                                    artifcat| a worst player

                                      Why is necro good currently? Can someone explain?


                                        Hard to kill alone plus his ulti goes over bkb


                                          so sad theres a lot of forgotten heroes in this patch

                                          HYPER CARRY

                                            Good too see Enigma here, That hero is a lane dominator. But man, if you miss even a single black hole people just flame you so much

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