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      Brünk Hüll


        The moderators have been removing those kinds of statements on and off so it's not as popular to do.


        I'd love to see something like a 'channels' section added where groups of similarly subjected articles can be easily looked up. Above all of them, this article would be placed at the top as part of a 'read before reading literally any other article' so people can familiarize themselves with the beliefs and approach Dotabuff blog posts take to Dota.


          Having a “good” hero played poorly is usually going to be less effective than playing “bad” hero really well.

          i think this answered the topic already, nice thread bro

          редактирую птс

            hi there


              @Brock Hall

              There are tags to every article that can be clicked to view all articles with that tag. For eg. this one has the tags Advice and Meta which can both be clicked on to see the articles that have the same.


                NERF RIKI PLZ,, BROKEN HERO

                Brünk Hüll


                  I'm aware of that, but having the landing page would allow you to have a clearer understanding of what types of articles are available to you. Really though it was an excuse to say how this article needs to be read before entering the site.

                  mPa4HblṊ 3aMΣC

                    Playing normal? Not really
                    Ranked? Absolutely

                    DOIN UR MOM DOIN DOIN UR MOM

                      "You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villian." -Even if you play really well as a hero who isn't "good," if enough people start playing that non-meta hero, they'll start getting attention, nerfs, and all the issues that "good" heroes have at whatever present time it is. (thinking of phoenix...)

                      In other news,

                      Currently the Enchanted Mango has a 31.27% win rate. This is a tragedy. Whether being accidentally used while still in fountain or used just in time for that clutch nyx stun saving your teammate's life, it has always made memorable game impacts. It is our duty and responsibility as fellow gamers and members of this community to give the item the win rate it deserves. Thank you in advance for your support.


                        There's no meta in the lower bracket. Only "broken" heroes. Luckily as of now there are only a few problematic ones that definitely need tweaks.

                        muted all

                          Need to learn about the meta. Have been getting losing streaks because I’m playing last year’s meta heroes instead of these years meta heroes.

                          Mayor of Waifuville

                            You know it's a boring, stale meta if we get articles like this.


                              Great article

                              L E X I N E

                                @Just-Give-Only just first pick riki then ez +25 for u. 3k below didnt know how to stop riki xD

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                                  Bicc Thicc Boi

                                    i play et carry in the offlane. fuck the meta.


                                      If you think riki is broken and you need to nerf that 2 hits hero then you must be noob stuck in low mmr and bracket. Just get wards dust and gem, items that can keep u alive during his ulti like euls ghost aeon glimmers forcestaff... after his ulti is done its eazy peazy... gg but thats the sad part people dont realise and go straight to offencive items. But once smart man said defence is the best offence. So yeah i hope I helped you and opened your minds little more... good luck try it its worth it.

                                      Brünk Hüll

                                        @ϟ ŦĦǾƦ ϟ

                                        You wobble between being helpful and mean, which yes teh internet is mean whatever, but ultimately you're absolutely right. If you're fighting against Riki, treat him like Clinkz and focus on itemization rather than hero counters. The common flight mentality while in cloud is what Riki preys upon and people can easily forget that their items aren't disabled (something I'm getting better at) while silenced.

                                        Jicniv Rune Farlord El Nix

                                          Meta sucks where are my Heroes Sven, LS for expample. Why cant they be at least playable and not complete Garbage?


                                            Unfortunately, I think yes

                                            Dark Templar

                                              I pick Earth Spirit every game cuz he's the best hero in Dota 2 and I'm throwing if I play some other shit.


                                                Pick zues most of the time because free vision and global domination