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    I find that I lose more gracefully after one of those 1+ hour back-and-forth games, but that’s probably because mental fatigue began setting in and I’m just glad the game is over, win or lose

    legion jungle picker 2020

      Except when there's Techies.

      legion jungle picker 2020

        I'm so happy Valve are doing a Trust Factor type of thing with Dota 2. Dota 2 suffers much more when it comes to toxic teammates than CS:GO (In my opinion) and if someone doesn't play right in CS:GO you can still easily win whereas if someone feeds or is toxic in Dota 2, it becomes much harder to win (although it's obviously still possible).

        Ras Al Ghul

          toxic players ruins dota since ever, but new ideias to slow this down are really good, =).


            Valve can do better...matchmaking should be a more complex formula. In addition to MMR, it should weigh the number of total matches played, and number of heros played more than 20 times. Someone with thousands of matches under their belt should rarely be in a match with someone that’s played less than a hundred and only a handful of heros...write an article on this, it’s important!

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            I stand alone

              "Dota at its core, is just a bunch of people reacting to each other"

              -2000 mmr

                So this why I havent played with toxic players recently I got 1750 commends already.

                Brünk Hüll

                  I'm glad Valve no longer (supposedly) matches nice people with noobs. That's almost a punishment.

                  pinoys are assholes
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                      i dont even see the point in commends, i get 20+ every conduct and 3-4 reports completely outweigh it every time. Just what i have to deal with playing on sea the most toxic server on dota :)


                        More post to clear fortnite post....

                        Sleight of My Fist In You...

                          dont get the point of this article tbh...doesn't really disclose anything that we didn't already know nor is it very elaborate or descriptive, you just have to mute everyone who talks/ pings too much and youre good to go, focus on how you can 1v9 the game and it becomes much more your own wards don't expect anything like ANYTHING from your team mates and you'll never be disappointed = never tilt

                          Autistic Rush

                            valve should create a formula where in aside from rank, those players with higher commends, and hero pool should be matched together, not just having player with 2000+ games getting teamed up with a newly created account with just 100+ games. it shud be fucking balanced


                              I would be interested what is the distribution of calibrated players. For example how many % ends up being under 1k.

                              Because I guess not many players Calibrate in 2.5k or higher (which is top30% of players).


                                Sorry Valve but if I'm toxic, it's because of your game. First of all I calibrated in the wrong skill bracket because calibration is capped. At the beginning, games were either too easy or impossible to win. Now I'm just adapting to my skill bracket, saying 'GG' in all chat every time I die and permanently being (passive) aggressive all game long towards my team mates and opponents.
                                Yes, all I wanted was some good Dotes, all I got was insults and giving up, and that's all I am right now.

                                Yami Yugi

                                  Bad Mid, Bad Game, I calibrated recently, horribly, with the last 4 calibration given bad mid player, even worse, local network is being repaired mid game and I got an abandon. Tough Luck.
                                  I should have took the middle, wait, lets see MMR Ranking .... OMG they're all MID players! I'll be damned....

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                                    Or just get friends and play as a 5 stack... PogChamp

                                    play for fun

                                      the main problem is retards with overinflated ego who think they know how to play the game but they really dont

                                      Jicniv Rune Farlord El Nix

                                        they should reintroduce the Old Commends and give u the option to Show it in your Profile like Leadership, Communication etc.

                                        A Wild Pikachu Has Appeared!

                                          Losing gracefully isnt possible in sea, even in 6k+ games, everyone just loves to trashtalk and blame and sometimes even feed or destroy item


                                            Too many adapt a God Complex in this game, most notable example of this is Erick Wright. They trade being arrogant over being benevolent


                                              So, you get punished for being nice? Doomed to play w/ noobs?


                                                Honestly, does anyone proofread these articles? This is written like a forum post.


                                                  Defeat can not be enjoyable, since the meaning of the game is victory, not participation.

                                                  Duke Nukem

                                                    good article to quit with dota!
                                                    why are there supports in the game? in 1k league nobody pick them! when i pick sup, i have a herald 3 carry which is dead 18 times in 10 min.
                                                    only rage and blaime. only noobs and trolls. you stuck in your rank. you are not able to come out of the trash! and i tried for a while.
                                                    that makes me sad a bit. but valve give a shit.
                                                    good bye Dota2
                                                    gg wp
                                                    RIP Dota


                                                      DEAD game


                                                        The problem is 99% of the playerbase have an ego way bigger than their actual skill at the game. If you are in 1k games it’s for a reason, same with 3k and 5k. Don’t blame others, no matter what the situation it is guaranteed you could have handled it better yourself. If people focused on their own plays, they would find themselves in higher quality games all round


                                                          В последнее время особо развелось любителей "свистелок и перделок", коих в огромных количествах навпиховано в игру разработчиками. Приходится мутить, ибо бесит.
                                                          А теперь про более наболевшее и надоевшее:
                                                          Сколько еще эти бустерки будут выбешивать и взбултыхивать ранги?! Не говорите, что их нельзя увидеть. У вас даже механизм есть... показатели с пятиугольником и винрейт+ КДА (особенно КД)! И еще... какого хрена ОДНА вытащенная чудом катка приводит к попаданию с такими... э... ммммммм... молодцами, что ппц!

                                                          Chocolate Sailor

                                                            I've been able to have fun losing in other games, but not Dota. I don't like putting 40, 60, 80 minutes into a match just to lose, especially in ranked, and have nothing to show for it.


                                                              "who more often than not believe that they’re better than everyone else." can some1 translate it? might be eng to eng translation, thanks.


                                                                Honestly, having the ability to 'tutor' new players is a shitty reward for being helpfull, nice or (at least) not shit all over people for f***ing up.
                                                                Commends should be more rewarding, but not to much to avoid commend trading. Behavior score should increase the chance of item drops, even by a few measly % but enough for people who act nice, to be rewarded.

                                                                Brünk Hüll

                                                                  @Chocolate Sailor

                                                                  You have a loss to show for it. It's a test, with a pass/fail grade. I get that it may not be your cup of tea, but it's going to be a loss for five people and a win for five people every time you enter a match. If you want catharsis, play bots. I'm unsure how the game could make losing more fun without ruining its pedigree. Those losses are best for learning, and if they were 'fun' the game would be cheap.


                                                                    Гуляйте,дота самая норм игра,ваши гейские фортнайты и лолы никому не нужны.
                                                                    Дота форевор
                                                                    Лучшее комьюнити только в ДОТКЕ
                                                                    И никаких бустеров нету,просто вы лоу скиллы


                                                                      Dota is terrible game. Biggest problem is broken matchmaking. Main idea should be: When you play good, you are matched with players who also play good. Instead of this (in real): If you play good , you are matched with players on loosing streak (who play bad, and you should stop their losing) so that's the reason why Win streak is not possible, only loosing streaks are real.

                                                                      Second problem is: Dota is extremely unbalanced. Instead of balancing heroes and skills, IceFrog adding more and more unbalanced aspects to game and hope that every hero will be so much unbalanced which makes game balanced (unbalanced * unbalanced = balanced, really ?!). But in real, in every game is picked Jugger with one click 12jumps ulty, WR etc. and no, its not meta, its just game bug (unbalanced). Every games same broken heroes.

                                                                      Dota is dying slowly and it is good. Its a bad game, created by one man who completely ignore community around game and have no idea how should modern game looks like.


                                                                        Honestly, some people who comment in this article (especially ones who blame the matchmaking system because they can't rise in rank) just annoy me. If the game is matching you with so-called "noobs" and "people with lose streaks", it means the system is testing you. Most likely, the enemy team also has those same people, so it's balanced. If you can't carry them, you deserve to stay in your rank.

                                                                        I'm currently stuck at Crusader. Do I care that some of my team is not that good? No. I try to analyse my matches and correct my mistakes.

                                                                        tl;dr: git gud noobs


                                                                          from 4.7k to 3.7k for just a month after the release of first season of the medals, I don't know if I deserve the losing streak but I am always matched with players who easily gives up because of a simple mistake, then they throw the game. We do mistakes in the game sometimes, but the real solution is communication with your teammates, even with the simple chat circle, simple pings, better understanding with your teammates is the key to winning. Help them with farms, wardings, what items to buy, with politeness ofc, 'cause ranting "fucking noobs" and blaming doesn't win you the game, even if you report the guy for a simple mistake the cause the game doesn't get back the loss. Teach them and also learn from your team, watch replays and get good for the next matches.


                                                                            the thing about dota is that it has this useless tutorial that shows you really basic mechanics of the game, it doesnt show roles, how do lanes work, almost nothing, this makes new players play by their own rules and pick any hero on any rol, on any lane and eventually feed and start being toxic

                                                                            also its common nowadays to blame, lets say your midlaner looses, then people say he's trash, when he may have loosed because the other mid player was just better, this is a team game anyways


                                                                              also ppl just dont wanna learn, they dont pick roles, they dont watch guides, or they dont wanna get better, once you pass that point on the mmr system the game becomes fun

                                                                              MAX OUT

                                                                                There's no matchmaking system, really. It's just pools of players that don't intersect.

                                                                                No one in the Archon/Crusader bracket is a new player; nor are they learning or getting better. Solo matchmaking is p. awful unless you're account boosting or using multiple smurfs to get matched at high MMRs.


                                                                                  unless u are in cancer SEA




                                                                                      So let me get this straight...

                                                                                      My reward for being positive and having a good behaviour score is to be paired with bad players!?!

                                                                                      That explains why even though I kept having positive behaviour scores, I noticed I kept getting paired with people that had 500-1000 games (Im over 5000 games). Which obviously meant they were bad and ruined the game for me. Game after game. Until I lost my cool and started raging.

                                                                                      Thanks a lot Valve. Whoever came up with this brilliant idea needs to get kicked in the head.

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                                                                                      Gene Starwind

                                                                                        well, when i come across a toxic player, all I can do is laugh at the toxic player as he plays like a noob and ends up dying from playing solo and mistakes. It brings together the rest of the team and sometimes you can win 4v5 when you all are in good mood from laughing at your toxic teammate.

                                                                                        Gene Starwind

                                                                                          Side note. They need to add the GG function from competitive games into pubs. if 4 players vote to end the game it should be okay. Lots of wasted time can be avoided when playing with a Toxic player ruining a game and prolonging it for 45 mins when its over at 20 mins. Thats one thign i miss from playing with Dota 1 hosting Bots on frozen throne

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                                                                                          Gamma Aminobutyric Acid

                                                                                            I only tryhard when I pick Invoker, and most of the times, my record isn't that bad. However, when I tryhard, when people don't have common sense, like a Jugg somehow thinking maxing crit is the best idea, or when the four of your teammates think it's a bright idea to farm the jungle at the same time for 40 straight minutes, you're going to get frustrated. The latter kind of team is the kind of team that is too optimistic and doesn't have the capacity to think of being efficient but instead waits for the enemy team to be even more stupid than they are.

                                                                                            What do you do then? You tell them what to do, and not to do. Frankly, nobody likes listening, so instead of becoming the voice of reason like Nelson Mandela, you're treated like Che Guevarra. It's bullshit.

                                                                                            Gamma Aminobutyric Acid

                                                                                              There's no other choice but to wait for matchmaking to match you up with less retarded teammates that doesn't need to be told what need be done. Or you could not give a fuck at all. It's just like real life actually. Either you give a fuck or you don't.


                                                                                                A lot of people listened intently to Che Guevara. He was murdered and demonised by capitalists.


                                                                                                  They should remove solo Ranked.


                                                                                                    Well at least nerf whos comeback to finish the game.
                                                                                                    Well The problem at solo ranked is we not always know what happens next.
                                                                                                    At least he deserve something after comeback and finish the game.
                                                                                                    Like became +0 or -0 If Win.
                                                                                                    Or keep -25 if they lost, i mean if u comeback after abandon and made your team win is not deserve -25
                                                                                                    That's my opinion.


                                                                                                      guys please dont play doto when you are drunk!!!