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    dota sucks


      tinker with midas is OP..


        I sense this article has been long needed, and is a bit late. The pace of the game seems to be in a constant state of speeding up, making many late-game strategies all but irrelevant. Midas perhaps has suffered the most from these patches. It is too expensive, offers too little, too late. I found the match used to show it's use rather amusing. A Chaos Knight is excellent at fighting, and typically has no need to have a midas. Much as the article says, a maelstrom could have easily replaced it, offering more damage and AS.

        In other news,

        Currently the Enchanted Mango has a 29.60% win rate. This is unacceptable. It is our duty as fellow gamers of the DotA 2 community to put this item in the position of power it deserves. It has been there for us when we needed mana for reincarnation, when we had that clutch nyx stun saving our teammate's life, and when we accidentally used it in fountain before the runes even spawned. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.



          the blue blue sky

            These comments are hilarious


              Да, я перестал покупать мидас после эти матчей перейдя на 2 нулика аквилу пт


                i never knew this item existed T_T


                  She ? wtf

                  ـMr. PoopyBUGhole

                    Illusions can't benefit from AS wtf

                    Archlich Of Naxxramas

                      Phoenix is a male. Quote from his lore "Thus this infant son of suns took terrestrial form".

                      Jahseh Obama

                        Mr poopybutthole they can now


                          "faster game" in SEA lul

                          Mason Hokage of NA

                            Illusions can't benefit from AS wtf

                            read patch notes, CK illus do

                            Appendix Vermiformis

                              Hand of Midas benefits into some pool of hero (but mostly, they're situational). Arc Warden is the only hero truly needs this item since its mechanic are unique. Invoker sometimes need it and mostly people build it anyway since Invoker is one of the most highly dependent level hero. Other hero such as CK, LS and Slark has better farming option or might never need them anyway. Some greedy 4th post such as Warlock and Winter Wyvern rarely needs them but usually favor them well. BTW, Illusion now benefits from raw attack speed change but only CK can keep his illusion in check since he has the strongest of them all.

                              On the other news,

                              Stop assuming other heroes gender. Some hero like Morphling, Io, or even Arc Warden never stated their gender (mostly they don't have gender or just unknown). If you're unsure which gender phoenix are (he's once stated as " infant son of suns ") just use it. (pls dont take this one seriously)


                                Illu benefit from aspd since 7.00 or smthing

                                And phoenix, hero with the biggest ball out of 115 heroes, yet u assume him as her...?

                                Zapyor  づワ果

                                  Arc Warden is the only hero who makes Midas viable

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                                    Why the comment are so triggered with virtual hero gender?

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                                    Alizée Jacotey

                                      i don't think it's as bad as stated here. It's about a 13 minute payback. if you get it at 7 minutes and you are a character with a 20-35 minute power spike, it can be good. For example, lone druid with midas helps get radiance much easier. The attack speed is good on the bear so the item isn't a waste in the early game. That's one situation, not an awful item.


                                        This might actually be a sign of the health of the game, since turtling strats are lame and boring to play/watch. Maybe the item should be creatively repurposed, like it boosts your allies' xp gain or something.


                                          Boosting allies XP? That's going to be broken AF...

                                          The Future Looked Bright

                                            Could it be repurposed to spawn a bounty rune? This would synergise with bottle and make it an interesting choice for other heroes as it would globally boost the team economy. The cooldown could be adjusted to ensure it's not silly powerful.


                                              @The Future Looked Bright: Feels like it'd be super core on Alchemist then.

                                              -Vrz • ロゼリア ♥ Yukina Mina...

                                                @Scarifar: and alch teammates as well


                                                  мне вообще насрать на это, так как я играю только на вексовом инвокере за которого любой даун справиться. Хули дал торнадо емп + если совсем не даун колд снэпик + урна. Фэйзы фирст айтем и заебок


                                                    I'm so happy that item is almost non-existent in the game nowadays!
                                                    phoenix is a futa btw ^^

                                                    mid or tiny space program

                                                      sniper lvl10 talent -25% cd...ez 71 seconds cd midas...ez game


                                                        this article was late this time of the meta due to how many players below 3k dont understand that midas doesn't provide that much exp and gold anymore. Invoker can go power treads and 2 nulls to be useful. He can cast his 3 spells. Tornado, cold snap, meteor. Thats what players don't do in other brackets in mmr. Likewise this will take a while for players to adapt and understand why midas isn't great below 2k.


                                                          Midas died when it stopped giving as much xp.


                                                            why the fvck are you mentioning pheonix's gender here dfuq?


                                                              Seems like Valve is nerfing farming intensive items or removing them entirely (e.g. PMS) in an effort to discourage excessive stand alone mentality.
                                                              Also since the change to bounty rune gold being divided equally between the team highlights the fact that player's were behaving so selfishly that even Valve considered it a problem.

                                                              Its a shame that Icefrog has sought to make these changes not to enhance the game but to remove some of the pitfalls of mmr seeker's cutthroat mentality to get ahead.

                                                              Alchemist aghs seemed like a great attempt at utilizing farm intensive playing for the betterment of the team yet instead most alchemists in my experience farm in a mercenary fashion.

                                                              A couple of games ago our safelane bounty hunter skipped ult and solo farmed; actively avoiding teamfights to obtain his battlefury.
                                                              Even in the midst of our team consecutively winning teamfights to avoid a lategame scenario this player showed little to no interest in securing substantive gold advantage.

                                                              Its disheartening to see DOTA's teamplay based potential limited by single minded individuals where tunnel vision gets the better of them and they don't integrate into the ebb and flow of a changing.

                                                              Its no accident that IO is one of the least picked heroes sub 4K.


                                                                Один (1) Midas - пидарас, (2) два мидаса - Lone Druid!

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                                                                  but in phoenix's taunt it can put out egg

                                                                  There's a snake in my ass

                                                                    Enigma midas with fast Octarine and the cooldown talent is actually pretty ridic. Very situational, though.


                                                                      Old mango needs to be brought back. The health regen component is fading away. @Greentoa123, it is no longer viable as valve destroyed it, so pls dont encourage others to use it.

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                                                                        Looks like the midas cooldown nerf might help it come back into the meta and make it more relevant, more so now because experience advantage seems to be effecting games outcome more than the gold advantage(s).


                                                                          Supporrt in SEA be like "I'll choose midas rather than glimmer or urn because midas give me gold, glimmer and urn dont."

                                                                          BUH BUH BUH

                                                                            who the fuck buy midas in high ranks tho


                                                                              эх сча бы старую мету когда на висажа мидса собирали


                                                                                buy midas= instant report


                                                                                  First of all Phoenix is a he, not a she.

                                                                                  Secondly, Phoenix is a terrible user of Midas. Phoenix is all about engaging early and winning the early / mid game for your team. If you're resorting to a comeback Midas, then you've likely already lost.

                                                                                  *FarizTampan 1st

                                                                                    phoenix is male dude, since when phoenix turn into woman, wtf