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Bobby Corwen

    Step 1: Pick Treant
    Step 2: Buy Quelling Blade
    Step 3: Steal farm from your carry
    Step 4: ...
    Step 5: Profit?

    ًٌٌٌٍٍْْْMR. PoopyButWhol...

      why buy quelling blade when u have THE highest damage in the game?
      1.pick Treant
      2.say that ure the carry
      4.get agh
      5.make enemy get gem and Quelling Blyat
      6.steal the GeM
      7.eye the whole map
      9.sit in base and cast ult


        As a Treant spammer (been spamming him for years and my best winrate hero), he is at his best right now. With an extra pulse in leech seed, you can put him offlane with ANY nuker and destroy your lane. 1 in Guise, 2 in Leech Seed and you are ready to play ridiculously aggressive. Just make sure you tell your team you won't be leveling your global heal until later. 1 Q, 3 W, 1 E.

        Heroes that go GREAT with Treant offlane (KOTL, Undying, Bristle, etc).

        Make sure you ALWAYS have a sentry ward on you. I will always out-deward the other team as you watch their support struggle to keep the income to deward you.

        Also, Aghs isn't the only way to play Tree. I usually get Drums or urn and then rush Blink Dagger so you can blink from tree to tree without revealing yourself.

        Blink > Aghs

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          1. be treant
          2. aggro the fuck our of their enemy carry
          3. buy medallion
          4. buy memehammer
          5. buy dagger
          6. push with ur team
          7. ?
          8. ez mmr

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            Pick ags, octarine and other expensive itemes, press R, and i lost my game.. 70 minutes by the way...


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                      1. Pick Treant
                      2. Afk farm
                      3. Fuck wards
                      4. Rush Aghs (30 mins)
                      5. Free vision
                      6. ???
                      7. 4 reports


                        Itemisation tips; I’m a Treant spammer, if you check my profile, and I’m firstpicking him to immortal on this smurf. I’ve got over 1000 games and former top 100 spammer and yes the 4-2-0-1 build is the best right now.

                        I think there’s 3 items that are broken which people don’t usually talk about when mentioning Treant. First is Tranquils, 90% of games. You want the movespeed with max Q you will be near perms hasted at level7 through the trees.

                        Secondly, which synchronises with tranquils is soul ring. It gives infinite mana for his 3 spells that all cost 150 mana or less, and you don’t have HP problems due to Tranquil regen. Even with 2 points in leech-seed, you can push lanes for free from invis using soul ring Leech-seed which is useful at all MMRs and a handy trick.

                        The final item is Spirit vessel, that grants movespeed and healing healing which synergises with his invis move bonus, W heal and E heal. It also gives extra catch on a hero that can only damage heros in close proximity normally.

                        Extra mention to Euls, Blink, value windlace, and OBSERVER WARDS. Finally, aghanims should only be bought in 5% of games when they are going super late because it’s really a trash item to be rushing on Treant when your role in the team is to be active on the map probing and punishing enemy’s in the forest.


                          PLEASE hyperlink the hero in the article so i can just click on it and go to the hero page instead of navigating to it a longer way. You guys always miss this in your articles


                            I totally agree with this guy. Every time they have an article about a specific hero, a link should be available in the title or close to the beginning of the article. Links are usually included to specific items or heroes only when the article is about multiple things (e.g. patch reviews).


                              it's interesting, Treant protector is back!


                                Feels good. One of the heroes I enjoy is back. I love picking treant especially with a carry Luna the Offlaner just rage quits after 5mins hahaha.

                                Budu vas baitit az do roz...

                                  I recently spammed treant and I agree with kill them with kindness. The importance of early movement speed cannot be understated on treant, with tranqs + windlace you can actually cross a lane at some places with level 3 natures guise. Makes the hero a lot more annoying to deal with at all stages of the game.

                                  Brad Bowyer

                                    Got to try carry treant with maxing out 1st skill. Build phase boots and MOM, then get the +90 dmg talent. Armlet might also be useful.



                                      "PLEASE hyperlink the hero in the article so i can just click on it and go to the hero page instead of navigating to it a longer way. You guys always miss this in your articles"

                                      Yes, please! I second that!

                                      Sleight of My Fist In You...

                                        he's a hero if ignored will fuck you up late game as I've learnt many times..thank fully he's not picked that often and most of the times when he's picked the player's noob so for my high skill pubs i can still safely ignore him most of the time


                                          That AOE on the heal is one of them "win game" abilities. It removes damage instances from basically everyone on your team in a team fight... Ran into this once and that was not fun. We were left wondering what the hell happened as we lost a team fight 5-0 and barely got a scratch on any of their heroes. Get the Aoe heal at 25, it will win you the game. It is basically an Omni ult for all damage, not just physical. Just wanted to point this out... Improved aoe on the ult is nice, but won't really impact your team fights as much. With blink you should be able to hit pretty much all the enemy team with it even without.

                                          And you really don't want to farm the entire map as a support... What will your carries farm them???


                                            Ok this is bullshit. Anyone who actually plays Treant should be maxing leech seed. It's an AoE purification (heal) and slows more than degen aura.
                                            Just go as #3 Treant with something like a Vengeful in lane and you will kill anything.
                                            I've played this with my gf for over a year and we have 65% winrate at 5k despite her picking up Dota2 in 2017.

                                            Sure if you're pos 4 why not go 4-2-0 but it's a waste for Treant to not be pos3 and get a 15-20m scepter. It alleviates pressure from your supports and applies it to the enemy supports.

                                            Vengeful is the best laning partner by far for obvious reasons -- stun - armor reduction - aura. Combined with Treant's high base damage you get a dual lane that overpowers any classic safelane.


                                              I'm Treant spammer and i always buy Quelling Blade in starting items .. it's usefull to deny and cut the sentrys and some special ways in the trees ..
                                              another good idea : go to offlane and harass the enemy support and force him to buy a sentry , go behind them and kill their courier :D
                                              now u can control the lane without care about sentrys

                                              I have alomst 2000 game with him , pray for me to reach top 100 treant players


                                                I'm a bit concerned that you have over 2000 games and don't realise that quelling blade doesn't work on denies. But hey, gotta learn it at some point


                                                  Hello. I disagree whith some parts of all these comments, saying 4-2-0-1 is the best. It is true that I am just 2k mmr player, but treant is my №1 hero and want to put my own note here.
                                                  First - 4-2-0-1 works only if you and your lane teammate has a nuke sinergy and it is a plan to harrass and kill all the time. PLAN, not the randomness.
                                                  Second - these -0- on E. Zero on E means you are cant help your team at all. I do understand that I am not a pro and even not a 4,5,6,7k player, that I may make mistate all these years, but seriously, E is so much good and could save your teammate so much, so i mention it as somthing ridicouls to not have it at least on 1 lvl asap. You want only invis and leech seed - fine, get living armor on lvl 3 and be helpful everywhere on the map.
                                                  If you are not a spammer or somthing and just play treant on accident, note - 4-2-0-1 on lvl 7 is the worst skillbuild possible for you. You just should try othr builds like maxing E or W(or even Q but after you will get all 3 abilities).
                                                  Third - AGS is worse than blink dagger. Most of the time. Not all the time. Itembuild on treant fully depends on situation. I highly recommend to get blink dagger at every game. All other items is fully depends on situation. Arcane boots, urn of shadows, tranquill, orchid, ord of atos, euls, quelling blade, memehammer, aeon disk, and almost all other stuff including force stuff ofc, is a possible choice.
                                                  Last - dont be fooled by all these invis thing. When you play treant just remember , that his most powerfull weapon is his ultimate - treant is a disabler. R works throu BKB , dont let ot go invis and just stop walking and casting. You will not be useless if yuo will get just wards wards wards > arcane boots > blink dagger , and just will use you ult on someone who just use his bkb (remember if enemy uses his bkb after you ult, than they will be free).
                                                  Pls dont try to be like a pro at first place - be a part of your team is much better than "try all these pro builds". However note - if pro goes this way than it means it is not out of sense.


                                                    dont pick fucking treant every gome!


                                                      this dogshit hero is as obnoxious fk as always.