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    Would you mind explaining how greevils greed applies to the bounty runes. A lot of people are wondering about that!


      less gold = longer game
      they want make any game goes 100 min

      Holy Father

        great choise to do runes every 5 mins, ITS GODDAMN ADITIONAL WAR EVERY 5 MINS!

        Bobby Corwen

          Supports get more money and there are team objectives that are easy to focus on. I like the changes.


            Well alch is pretty much shit now, less gold overall, gg


              Alch is not shit now, he benefits from gold being decreased as his greevils greed skill is a flat amount of extra gold. So whilst everyone else suffers, his extra gold reamins the same, putting him ahead of everyone else in relative terms. Yes his total amount of gold will be less, but so will everyone's - except now his flat bonus gold is even better than before, compared to the gold from the kill.

              And to answer Divine Plz - Alchemist gets 3x what everyone else on the team gets. So if a bounty is worth 150g to an anti mage, it's worth 450g to Alchemist.


                archon 2 tells us about the alchemist, listen carefully


                  gg alch


                    ^^he is more experience ancient guy


                      Crusader defend Archon
                      it so cute



                        aikyu3 SuBi ♪

                          Crusaders and Archons united. Beware and listen to them guys.

                          tywydd the ox

                            Fun tweak to force teamfights outside of towers.


                              @SΛVΛGΞ Elbonio is actually mostly right, better st*u instead of making fun about some fcking medal

                              Black Capped Chickadee

                                great now every 5 min there will be a fight.


                                  what is a dotabuff thread without a salty low 4k jungler

                                  oh my

                                    Legend here, @SΛVΛGΞ argues with the correct things that Archon said. I wonder if his micro skills are the only thing making him Divine.

                                    ´Get Hi

                                      This is an interesting patch. It sort of makes Dota into Quake even more.


                                        2k scrubs talking about how a hero is bad now LuL. Next time on dotabuff we hear about how Io is bad now after his 1-14 game

                                        Mad Scientist

                                          im pretty sure being 2k scrub is better than being an account buyer :P

                                          Mr. Cegeb

                                            Alchemist is good now I think, play semi-carry build


                                              "Legend here" he said xD

                                              Legend 2 in 2k18? xD

                                              Well said low tier xD

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                                              99% Rat Pest Control, 1% ...

                                                Teamfight for rune? Nah its not worth it


                                                  Techies must love this patch.


                                                    Does greevil's greed takes effect if someone from your team got the rune?

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                                                      yes it does, means that at 45 min if your team gets all 4 bounties an alch would get over 2k gold from it

                                                      Comrade Dyatlov

                                                        I felt like Alchemist actually viable to pick up as a semi-carry offlaner, since his Greevil's greed can put him back into relevance in the mid game, coupling with Concoction talents can make him a strong ganker that exerts map control on the other jungle