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you can`t buy culture

    first? HELLO, MOM

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    Touch Me

      second? Hello Radicals Mom!


        Nice article

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            pls valve, let us do hero challenges in AD!

            CacKoo ^_^


              Nos vemos enfrente Leyend...

                who the fuck could rage on an ability draft

                it takes a special kind of autist

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                  love this mode, tho it is broken in some way
                  played a lot Legends of DotA in Warcraft III maps
                  a lot of things could be taken from there

                  [Spec] Rain

                    there's very little point to playing ability draft right now without a 4-stack or more - the population tends to be 1-2k who have no idea how to draft and no idea how play which leads to miserable experiences, and about three games out of five where i had a better draft the other team just abandonned at the start

                    not a solid mode right now and almost entirely because of the players on it

                    ًٌٌٌٍٍْْْMR. PoopyButWhol...

                      I'm just sad 😢 that the original LOD from dota is gone the one on arcade just sucks [cause lack of proper/ fair mods] and the ability draft is no where near it not to mention talents just make them more complicated

                      I miss the stupid 4x hooks or one shot builds of the original LOD

                      I should mention nothing replaces original imba either some new ability changes are inspired by it too the only true 100 buff patches for each hero

                      Grand Sparrow

                        Way too many abandons in this mode. Almost unplayable.

                        I would say you should mention how some abilities specifically mention the original hero and should never be picked by the other team. I was seriously flamed and quite shocked when I popped a chronosphere to save an ally and go to town on their heros, only to have the void on the other team jump in my chrono and... do bad things to good people...

               X-Cross Fade

                          Getting Hunter in the night without Darkness is completely useless... This article is garbage


                            Oh yea I knew a guy that took a break and started playing only 10v10 Never saw the guy in Dota 2 again. NO Breakaru More Dotaru!
                            Next MEME, a guide to Dota Turbo!

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                            aikyu3 SuBi ♪

                              Now everyone knows Sticky Napalm + Shackles combo. :(


                                U will hate it if your base hero is riki and everyone takes away your skills.

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                                Thunder Warrior

                                  Bring back meepo ult :D

                                  Crazy TRAIN

                                    What if tinker ult np tp kotl mana then np treants and you have kotl as hero

                                    days of lavender

                                      Hello I'm a divine player and I have the solution, If you hate losing MMR, but hate normal mm, download WC3 and play DotA Allstars AP or AR, and you will not only probably get better because it's a hard ass game, but enjoy yourself and not lose anything.


                                        Don't pick 3 passives, pick 4 Krappa


                                          wc3 dota is pretty much dead since the update patch of dota 2 where dota 2 exceed dota, the patch where underlord appeared


                                            Ability Draft is so much fun!

                                            My most funniest / most annoying situations were these two:

                                            Opponent got Aftershock. I picked Nasal Goo and Quill Spray to prevent him from stunning us the whole time. I missed Static Remnant though and in late game with octarine core we could just sit there and do nothing. :D

                                            Other game I got Hunter in the night but one of my teammates "stole" Darkness from me. I tried to call every time I needed it but he just refused to do it. This game was so broken. XD