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Bosnian Blade

    great article


      On Kunkka's second paragraph, you spelled 'lower' as 'lover' by the way. Good article overall.


        Thanks! Fixed)


          Nothing about morphling? I'm surprised

          Bobby Corwen

            I'm very happy that Tinker received some nerfs, but i don't think Invoker needed any help

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            Guardian V

              bloodseeker ?


                No mention about Ti5 vs Ti7 winners ? 27-fucking-0... Way too EG

                MM.Ugh Brock Hall

                  I feel like the numerous nerfs to Soul Ring have been a little unwarranted.

                  ـMr. PoopyBUGhole

                    No mention about Ti5 vs Ti7 winners ? 27-fucking-0... Way too EG
                    Still lost though
                    bloodseeker ?
                    There's nothing about him except for the fact that he needs more buffs

                    Wicked Law's Witch

                      another omni nerf yeah sure who cares about Jugg and SF in every single game lets nerf omni

                      Landon Beckett

                        DK's win rate goes from 54% to 52% and you basically declare the hero as dead? lul

                        I hope his pick rate drops, I always enjoy being able to crush with him and no one having much clue of how to deal with him.

                        Abyss Watcher

                          Sf shits on dk in lane

                          Abyss Watcher

                            Y nerf tinker again? xD


                              before, tinker is nightmare for pub game, laser that have pure dmg, make ur attack miss,and bounce on 650 range makes highground pushing a nightmare, not to mention his rocket and march as well as mkb doesnt work on building


                                Dragon Breath from Dragon Knight reduces all damage, not just from stars. A Devine Rapier will lose about 90 damage.

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                                5th or Feed.hiramarchibald

                                  Still Lycan's STR gain needs to be reduced from 3.2 to 2.7, the Feral crit rescaled to top at 38%, and HoD creep MS reduced to 400. And DW is cancer. 7.11?


                                    Calm down wardcuck. Lycan's not OP, you just don't know how to address it.


                                      Dk breathe fire reduces raw bonuses too.


                                        see some ppl trying to revive qw voker this patch. But it is not good enough for qw voker to make a comeback


                                          what about visage??


                                            Simply put. Spam lion to oblivion


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