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    You did not talk about Range Creep agro! The cost per Tango remains the same if IIRC. 150/5 = 30. 90/3 = 30.


      Since there are so few heroes which can easily take stacked camps early game I am going to have so much fun on bounty hunter ganking all the low hp carries trying to take on triple stacks 10 min into the game :)

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      offlaner ≠ carry

        The thing about the neutral stack is you forgot the next sentence.

        "No bonus is given if the stack is cleared by an enemy or the hero that stacked it."

        So if you stack it and you kill the stacked camp yourself, you get no extra gold.


          oh yes. lich king is back


            Look at the 5k+ winrates, icefrog, does it really look like we need general changes, and not hero-specific buffs and nerfs?

            Antimage, slark, medusa, alch, even morph to an extent - those greedy cores were my goddamn favorite, and are now useless, while lycan and huskar are so stupidly overpowered.

            The changes in this patch will likely result in a 1%-ish increase to the cores specified above for my opinion being as they benifit a lot from stacks, and stacking will now likely be important in later stages of the game too, but those heroes are still far from being viable and balanced.


              no mention to ranged creep aggro change?

              pengen herald

                smoke gank 5 hero in early game with tusk most did again, especially in this patch

                [FaO] JoJoBird

                  pull --> pool


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                      I actually dont want to play this game till they roll back or nerf hp increasement per str. It is so fucking hard to gank by 2 hero. Cant even purnish offlaner by 2 heros too. I really hate to see early push with str gay heroes and it is so hard to def. It was started from 7.06 and ice frog didnt notice the hp increase ruin game. He actually makes dota as lol now. What we want is assasinate or god like kill. It is not stupid team fight and pushing tower with hp gays

                      Muhammad Bin pigdog

                        @isheezy- WHAT?!

                        MrPopo's Hole

                          90/3=30 150/5=30 the cost per tango has not changed at all, how can the people that write these articles not do third grade division.


                            @NecroCaucasian Pretty sure the tangoes costed 125 for 5 before, and now 90 for 3.


                              @Scarifar Nope, 150 before for 5 tangoes

                              Dovehammer 🕊️🔨

                                Tango cost remains the same. Wrongly written in the article.
                                Before the 5 tango patch the cost was at 125 gold for 4 tangos - until now it has been 150 gold for 5.
                                150/5= 30 and 90/3=30 aswell.

                                Brünk Hüll

                                  Just a note on the bounty runes:

                                  Previously two heroes would get 100 gold assuming even split between teams. Now, if there is no rune contest, EVERYONE gets 80 gold. If you were giving it to your mid for one rune, they lose 20 gold overall. Taking 3 runes is like your entire team taking 1.2 bounty runes in the previous patch, so contesting runes is huge as it affects all lanes. Heroes that can snipe from invis will do a little better in lower brackets on average while I assume upper brackets might see any income buff to supports be siphoned off by the possible necessity of a sentry ward to prevent said snipe.

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                                  Entertainment 7wenty

                                    @no solo supp - I think you are misunderstanding how they mean cores can abuse it. From some other posts i've read on it the theory for cores (mainly illusion cores like naga, tb, maybe meepo) is that you can stack all the camps in your jungle than a teammate can clear the camps while you farm lane. Now you get lane farm and the stacked camp bonus gold all at once. Now i haven't seen the math to know whether that's worth it or if you're better just taking the full stacked camp yourself and get no bonus. I think it really all comes down to how effective are you at micro-ing your illusions to stack multiple camps at once and how fast they can be cleared by teammates

                                    Brünk Hüll

                                      @Porkchop sandwiches

                                      I can't imagine many situations where you're going to be better off having the core stack it as a well stacked jungle is quite a lot of relatively safe gold. However if your cores split the effort, only stacking one here or there it could be worth it.


                                        time to start carrying as a support... had a witch doctor game with 737 xpm last night..


                                          "Cost of a single tango charge has gone up from 25 to 30."


                                            "In fact, most of the time it might be even abused by the core players to boost their income, rather than share with supports."
                                            Farming your own stacks doesn't give you the extra gold

                                            Pizdec PTS

                                              Vary nice!
                                              I love support!
                                              I have many golds!


                                                Sorry about the tango cost confusion. Was sure it was 125 for 5 charges before.


                                                  hero does not receive 15 percent if he farm stacks himself

                                                  pieta pierrot

                                                    The ’Tier 1 mid lane towers are now a bit closer to the river‘ change is actually a significant one.


                                                      tango price = bulldog level math

                                                      Brünk Hüll

                                                        @Backlit Flügel

                                                        It really is. Generally it's not smart to position yourself on the other side of the river in the laning stage but it's a little more 'safe' to do if you're a ranged hero. This accentuates that issue and makes it even harder for the lane to house melee carries going solo.

                                                        Also fun fact about the tangoes: this change reverts tangoes back to their 6.55 cost and charges. Recently players have been utizilizng the gg branch strat, stretching those 5 tangoes to 6 or 7, costing around 250 gold. These changes mean you can spend 180 for the 6 charges, or buy an extra branch for 50 gold and stretch that to 7 charges, for a total of 230 gold. This is a buff to mid lane survivability for sure, but it's balanced by the less gold at the beginning and bounty rune changes. I'm hesitant to say midlane life is better, but offlane life might be better.


                                                          what about the game breaking tree?!?!?!!


                                                            This patch so funny, only 3 tango, carry always weak at early game, buy 2 tango with 600 gold, it spend too much gold

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