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    very nice article (wtb tsrif) heehee

    Juego para ganar papu

      mmmmmmmmmm peruvian meta is comming



        CM with battle fury anyone?


          yes CM with battle fury to increase her cleavage

          Black Capped Chickadee

            Rings + Deso + phase boot on PA under 16 mins vs a rush of bf?
            Rushing bf can be quite punishing once your enemy figures you out.


              yeah no, in low rank probably can work, but in high rank game u only got about 20 min to farm

              Japanese Alcoholic

                You will get punished if someone spots a perserverance on you.


                  I think they will not fiddle with the item much, but I can see them raising the price by a couple of hundred... But we will see what happens. It is still a farming tool primarily so there is no reason to dig out the big nerf hammer.


                    The quell (+60% damage to creeps) works with illusions. That's why it's being bought on TB and PL primarily, and probably the aspect that needs to get nerfed. This takes a TB illusion hitting creeps for 100 to 160. It's pretty insane and shouldn't work like this.

                    Sleight of My Fist In You...

                      i think the only reason its bought really is because of the farming potential and thats obviously increased considering how cheap it is now which means people going straight for bf as first item are getting it in like 10-11 mins which is fantastic. thats all really its one of the best farming items in the game and you can get it in 12 mins if youre half decent

                      who's going to pass that up? plus gives you some decent regen and damage making it the obvious choice if you want to flash farm


                        "Right now, +45 damage...[makes] Battlefury the most cost efficient damage item in the game outside Divine Rapier."
                        Its not even close, there are 17 items ahead of battle fury in terms of cost per attack damage (even excluding damage bonuses for primary attributes)
                        Notable ones being: Rapier, Radiance, Armlet (doens't even need to be turned on), phase boots, sacred relic, daedalus, desolator, and nullifier.

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                        The Naan

                          Ok can

                          Sergeant Papika

                            MK battlefury has been a very big thing for at least a month


                              oracle bf with a free mango is op

                              Wicked Law's Witch

                                3k player with bf on tb = reported
                                pro player with bf on tb = new meta


                                  meme review :bc_100:


                                    hahahaha finally


                                      It's still a situational item in most cases, no its not too strong

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                                      ♥♦ GED ♣♠

                                        I've been building BF on life and WK to get an early assault cuirass and push the f@#$ out. Seems to work fine if your team groups up to ensure the push. Also perseverance is great on the early game to spam spells for zoning the offlaner.

                                        tokyo anime girl
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                                          Reflex-ов нет

                                            А вопросов у вас не возникает о SFе который в каждой игре с его еба*уты*и койлами? за 90 маны ТоННА ДАМАДЖА. + Мильен МСА.
                                            Нет имба БФ(нет)


                                              It's literally killing off the already (aside from like two heroes) underwhelming ranged carries from the game.


                                                Really depends on how game is going or what draft u have but yeah overall u can build it on any pos1 thats melee.


                                                  Just add a 1,000 - 1,500 gold recipe & I guess it will be balanced for the next patch :3


                                                    If Naga picks up BF, then it’s time for nerf. It actually works well for her if the the enemy has ways of killing her illusions or she’s against PL.


                                                      HanSolo was always right.

                                                      Clare ♥ Mekia

                                                        Other than rtz, the best pro carry players aren't building bfury on anyone and everyone. Which considering how unique EGs playstyle is right now I'm not sure it's worth using him as a primary example. Realistically I think PL is the only hero that has become a new legitimate battlefury user this patch.

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                                                        Raw Cuts

                                                          its only good when u have 4 good teammates who constantly fighting for u.

                                                          fifala fiesta


                                                            ZG God MadMind [KILL ME]

                                                              Im using BF on LC, and ist pretty nice to shred your opponents hope.
                                                              Just farm your BF, and a Blink, (normaly in ca 12, 14,5 min),a nd then become a creep-harrasing Farm-Bitch for the next 15 min. After that there will stand nothing between you and your Duells.

                                                              Yami Yugi

                                                                "3k player with bf on tb = reported
                                                                pro player with bf on tb = new meta"
                                                                I LOLed more than I should have :))


                                                                  >Right now, +45 damage and +6 regen for 4100 gold makes Battlefury the most cost efficient damage item in the game
                                                                  >outside Divine Rapier.

                                                                  Just plain misinformation. Desolator is far more efficient as well as Maelstrom. Then theres Diffu, Armlet, Orchid that are more efficient in terms of gold/atkdmg for the respective main attribute.

                                                                  That said, those other items give no regen like bf but you don`t need it if you actually play dota instead of afk farming.

                                                                  LP fan (Snegg)
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                                                                    LP fan (Snegg)

                                                                      Ethernal envy build hood/pipe on every hero. Arteezy should do the same with BF:) signature haha


                                                                        battlefury is good especially on heros with crucial lategame talents and/or lack farm speed. e.g. terrorblade, lifestealer, phantom lancer. The amount of levels you get from farming with battlefury for 5 min right now is absurd lmao


                                                                          "3k player with bf on tb = reported
                                                                          pro player with bf on tb = new meta"

                                                                          Please dotabuff, give this guy some recognition


                                                                            does, bf not work with illusions? I was under the impression that it did.

                                                                            got coke so I got hope

                                                                              maybe I should go back to building Battlefury on ET

                                                                              Akroma (Old Raven)

                                                                                @bearcat0611 the %damage works, the rest (cleave, +damage) does not.

                                                                                And yeah, that's a lot of random missinformation in the article. Bfury is built on MK because cleave works on boundless strike, so you can oneshot waves with boundless after your first other item. RTZ builds it on PL and TB because the 60% increased damage works on illusions, not because the bonus 45 damage are 2nd best/gold (which they are not btw, see above).

                                                                                Bfury has barely reached the point where it's build again on heroes outside of AM. And it still is only build on illu heroes, heroes that hit random targets with "autos" (Ember Jugg MK) and AM. So that's like 6/101 heroes? But we really need an article that tells us how op it was back when people could only choose from 10 items.

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                                                                                  idk i think its overrated and greedy to build battle fury on spec and tb I can see it working on pl and others tho


                                                                                    I have tried it on orge magi long time ago. I think now it is very viable since he has the +90 dmg talent. Can play at pos3.

                                                                                    Mirana and the Diamonds

                                                                                      I built battlefufy on WK and Lifestealer 2 years ago and got flamed like no tomorrow, and here we go..I'm a fukken pioneer!


                                                                                        My friends make fun of me because i use this meta on pl but when i carry my team with bf their jaw had dropped


                                                                                          how to nerf BF without actually nerfing it?

                                                                                          BUFF MIDAS :D