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    hex on tinker is super imblanced now imo


      tiny is great against tinker though^^
      he has status resistance with his ult, so you dont even have time to dagon+missile before you rearm and hex again
      he has 2 ways to stop rearm and/or tp
      and he has high health when he gets strong
      he buys blink to find you in trees
      and blademail as well sometimes
      it sucks playing tinker into tiny


        Lotus orb is still pretty good against Hex Tinker. As long as you can drop it you effectively stop the chain hex as tinker would have to "hex himself".

        Aeon Disk believe it or not also seem to be the counter against hex --> stun --> blow him up strats.

        I think the best solution is removing the recipe from Aeon Disk and making it use Null+Wraith+Bracer to replace the recipe (and apply the stats that would give) Making the slot more efficient. And a decent if not great pickup on some heroes.. Or reduce the recipe to make it a less burdensome item.


          Lion < Lotus Orb, Linken's Sphere & Black King Bar

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            @Quinkerros Lion Can blink in and hex you as hexes are instant and Lion can chain stun you with another ganker.So BKB and Lotus Orbs are not that great against an initiating Lion/Shaman.Although With Linken's you can block the hex so you can use BKB....Man dealing with these heroes are expensive and slot consuming....

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              "hex on tinker is super imblanced now imo"
              its is, hex buff and lotus nerf make it sick again

              "Lion < Lotus Orb, Linken's Sphere & Black King Bar"
              no if you are smoked

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                Someone call HEXor.


                  Excellent analysis. Just bought a years pass of plus because of these articles. Keep up the good work!



                    I mean, mid to late game, from 30 to 40 min onwards :3

                    But, when one or more enemy cores have Linken's Sphere and/or Black King Bar. You are less than a creep in teamfights u_u

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                      Hey Kawai,i did buy dotabuff+ as you can see so you can now buy game leap and learn dota finally.

                      Flying Squirrel

                        "It still doesn’t apply “break” and its duration is still reduced by the newly introduced Status Resistance, but it can no longer be dispelled, meaning there is no hard counter to it. You can Force Staff an ally from the enemy focus, Surge them with Dark Seer, or prevent an ally from dying with Shallow Grave, but there is no way of reducing the duration of Hex."

                        Uhh, contradictory much? Points out status resistance reduces duration of hex, then says you can't reduce the duration 🤔

                        Yami Yugi

                          Yeah, a flaw at that reducing statement


                            Lion just lost a game in Pro DotA guis :( u_u


                              чашечка чаю


                                "что может позволить ему нарафмить всё нужное"
                                Опечатка в слове нафармить.


                                  hard impact on slark..

                                  Black smilE

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