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    Brünk Hüll

      Looking over all three recent articles hasn't shown an obvious playstyle. I mean, there is one, it just doesn't feel very traditional. Dusa feels very at odds with the aggressive early game play style that these single target lane dominators present. Mid lane feels farmy, kind of although not strictly, offlane is very utilitarian, it all feels weird. I can't quite put my finger on what feels weird though. It's....well rounded? Maybe? There's a clear early game strength, mid game strength, and late game strength across the popular lineups. It doesn't massively feel like the popular picks are throwing their eggs into just one basket.


        Where is Rubick?


          Bane is super crazy good at the moment. I also like Lich actually, lvl 25 on Lich and you have "fortify" as Ice Armor xD

          Ras Al Ghul


            no handshake

              Venge is clearly missing.


                whers ogre magi???


                  Rubick has been a lacklustre support for multiple patches now, only picked up for the ability to steal huge ultimates, and even then he is sometimes ignored for more versatile supports


                    I thought lion would be mentioned in this with the buff to his talents.


                      'nuisances' - Do you mean 'nuances'?



                        Brünk Hüll


                          Rubick is kind of one of those heroes that always is only good if you have someone who really knows him. Similar to Silencer, Chen, or Pudge. Honestly I think it's fine that he is in that position. When someone is good with the character, it's amazing.


                            Would have thought that CM would be here... Also I've had quite a lot of success with WD lately. But that is garbage can Dota for ya.


                              Where is ogre magi? He was even featured in the picture and I think he and omniknight both deserve their mention. Especially in the pub scene.


                                Talents just make the game more "weird" and complex. Still some needs to be fixed. Look at lion's lvl 10 talent, its 75 cast range or 75 dmg. 75 cast range is just a fraction of aether lens, while 75 dmg is more than what a nullifier gives u. Its obvious that 75 dmg is 100% better than the latter, but u see there are 30% of idiot lions picking the cast range. Probably give at least 250 range, fix this.


                                  Wow shadow demon has a 77.8 % win rate ? I'm really surprised

                                  Potato PC

                                    Ogre Magi, Omniknight and IO should be mentioned as well

                                    offlaner ≠ carry

                                      @Potato PC: Omniknight is an offlaner now... And Io will always have a sh** winrate in pubs, no matter what.


                                        @ dreadnought325, the stats for lions talents would disagree with you- cast range is picked 70% of the time with a +0.5% win rate advantage :)

                                        / // /

                                          I Just Went 24/4 With Phoenix Off lane And Carried my entire Team Against A PA, Sven, Slark, Shadow Shaman, And Slardar. I'm pretty sure Phoenix needs to be on here, Fire spirits are just so strong.

                                 - The Match

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                                            not sure why ogre is the thumbnail he is garbage this patch


                                              @Tsuyu Asui | , Herald 4 LMAO

                                              Brünk Hüll

                                                @Tsuyu Asui |

                                                You went up against four melee, on hit effect heroes, three of which are only rng on hit effects and three of which are hard carries.

                                                Fire spirits does wonders against a lineup that relies that much on high attack speed. But if they even had a zeus on their team you would have had a much harder time keeping yourself, tide, and techies mines alive.


                                                  I'm sorry mate, but a herald 4 match is hardly representative for the rest of dota community. That being said you're still entitled to your opinion :)

                                                  Brünk Hüll

                                                    @Tsuyu Asui |

                                                    Hey bruh don't lose confidence though, you very much correctly identified what was strong about having Phoenix in that game. Keep commenting and learning, I do it all the time here.

                                                    low prio master

                                                      KawaiiSocks gg wp "top tier supp" you mentioned 5 heroes,where the fuck is io omni??Do your job properly or shit post only on forum please.

                                                      UNRIVALED SUPER HOTTIE

                                                        I wonder why people keep calling Omni is support but yeah I guess almost all low rank player really doesn't have knowledge about this rank is no exception thought Legend people doesn't know Omni is offlaner

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                                                        Brünk Hüll


                                                          While Omni can be used as a support, something he likely will never lose the ability to do, right now top tier and pro scenes are favoring him in the offlane. Skim mentioned Omni in his offlane analysis.


                                                            Omni is an offlaner now, just tell me what can omni afford as a support? He has no harass, no mockdown and surely he needs some gold advantage to be effective. I by my self would preffer a techies as lane support better than omni, at least techies can harass more than a ranged creep :D


                                                              I agree very much with Shadow Demon's potential. F.E. you can Cast Q on an AM's Ilusion or any HC with Manta, and there you have a huge lane pushing power without disabling your own teamate.

                                                              Brünk Hüll


                                                                Omni hasn't lost anything that made him useful in lane. He only needs soul ring to be able to healbomb (which arguably negates his need to harass), and repel is only 50 mana. It's just that he is tanky, and that's necessary for the offlane right now. Why wouldn't you run him there and get him a quick six if you can?



                                                                  It's very hard to last hit with Lion's low base damage and with a quite slow attack animation u_u . I think his lvl. 10 talent - +75 damage is okay because most of the time you are going to be position-ing yourself in a "safe" place to cast your spells and after that if you're against a decent enemy team they're going to "blink" you and -5 shot you cuz this pos. 5 hero only has 1 base armor :D

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                                                                    "In pubs he can also provide some necessary damage against buildings — it is common for pubs to draft lineups which are notoriously horrible at taking objectives ... "


                                                                    concerned teammate

                                                                      No KOTL?

                                                                      I can assume this will be a bad list


                                                                        i agree,why no KOTL at the list hes one of those potential supports

                                                                        fast life

                                                                          y la cm?

                                                                          Long hard road out of 2k

                                                                            это хардбас

                                                                            nice abuse mm

                                                                            Yami Yugi

                                                                              I went offlane vs KOTL and CK playing Bane without Axe covering me, Axe went to block the creeps and I just Enfeeble CK all the time that his networth is so low during laning phase for a safelaners. If you guys know how serious Bane threat is you will never mention KOTL ever again. Still I go for pos 5 buy wards and even Gem, check it out