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    I Like Lagsagna

      Hello, (SC FY).

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        "the following clip" 1h12 lol


          excuse me, where is clockwork?

          Eat Soup With A Fork

            here is a clip! (hour long video)

            edit: dang someone beat me to that joke ^^^

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              Best offlaner actually: Centaur Warrunner


                Relying on heavy ults on your pub games is useless af


                  Centaur and Clockwerk completely overlooked. Which both are great offlaners this patch.

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                  20% Win Rate

                    That 1on1 thing is complete bs in most games, i really dont understand how in high mmr and pro matches ppl leave any of those off laners to freely bully their carry. I personally prefer to duo off to force a tri lane or force enemy sups to leave their core alone by pressuring and killing them over and over. They wont really be able to gank our safelane since we have 2 there (possibly a 3rd), nor our offlane (since they are under-leveled and pressured). The only lane possible would be mid, in which we could have a double rotation. This way we literally at the very least break even in one lane while winning the other two.


                      How tne fuck they didnt get Bristleback God of offlane? Timbersaw also. wtf with them?

                      pure impulse.

                        Don't wanna be that guy who says "You forgot [Insert any hero who can offlane here]" but Doom is sitting on a 50% WR offlane and is a complete boss. If ever there was a hero who just needs to soak up exp to scare opposing safelaners, it's Doom.

                        techies = report

                          "A couple of months ago, we illustrated how the offlane position changed over the years."

                          That article was 13 months ago. Not that appropriate to say "a couple of months"

                          MINI SEKTE DOTA CHESS

                            On highest tier there is also doom offlane


                              axe, will always be my most annoying offlaner


                                13 is the new 2.


                                  finally some post about UL being a top tier offlaner!... i gained like 400 mmr mostly using him over the past few months, pretty good hero who is quite suited for being a great pusher/teamfighter

                                  Hmm what about BB? hes still good offlane i think.


                                    RE: Clip

                                    It's linked to a specific time, so if you play the video you'll see the action that's referred to

                                    RE: Heroes (Doom & Bristle)

                                    Neither of them are competitively as relevant as the others. We'll publish more lists and you'll see more heroes not making those lists, doesn't mean they're bad. These heroes here though are undoubtedly the best between pubs and pros


                                      I think pangolier is a super solid offlane.

                                      Great with escapes, Great in Team fights, Very easy to farm with.


                                        Isn't Doom the third most picked offlaner in pro circuit, ahead of Brewmaster and Beastmaster? Not to mention being the second most picked offlaner at 5k+ with a 53% win rate?

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                                        Fairtrade bio premium banane

                                          Somehow i have offlane ench in 100% of my games and I win like Most of Them, but thats maybe cuz i play her.

                                          MM.Ugh Brock Hall

                                            What I personally like the most about having these types of offlaners being popular right now is that it forces at least someone on your team to play the game 'correctly'. Let me explain:

                                            I'm sure we all see the person that wants to try a new build with their hero. Oh man, that new aghs is too good to pass up bruh. Gotta have it, he says. Ok sure, it's cool, but really, you're passing up some pretty important items to get it. Like, I very much see the appeal to having aether lens on, say, shadow shaman. But maybe it would be better if the team had a force staff to help your Ursa escape sticky situations. Sure, you can initiate from further, but your Ursa is still slow and now you're wasting channel time because you activated too early.

                                            My point is this: utility offlaners buy items that the entire team needs. Crimson guard isn't the flashiest item, but boy oh boy can it make a huge difference. Radiance is fun to grab for farming, but that miss chance can play a huge role in the success of your teamfight. I almost feel like it is less the hero and more the items that they naturally build that your team desparately needs that you wouldn't see on that offlaner if they picked, say, weaver or mirana or batrider. They're nice, but it's likely that your team didn't pick other heroes that naturally fill the gaps that having a utility offlaner would have filled.

                                            A balanced team goes beyond having heroes that fill each role. You need heroes that also naturally cover a wide pool of necessary items for success in the game. There's wiggle room in both needs, but hey, almost everything in Dota has wiggle room.

                                            ♕D ɟo P ⚔&☮

                                              The problem is u can't get your lane most of the times because in drafting phase U pick your offlaner in 2nd/3rd pick and opponent use this fact and pick a carry who can dominate the lane against that certain offlaner. so we know offlaners like tide/brew/beastmaster/omni are so good this patch but it's still very very situational.


                                                where is my lich offlane?

                                                MM.Ugh Brock Hall


                                                  There are situations where you could take advantage of that though. Switch the lanes, force their carry pick out to better counter it, etc.


                                                    Nice article, actually this is best offlaner from the point of view of dota 2 pro circuit right which is so different than the pub offlane hero. Agree with the list, maybe some notable mention like jakiro also somewhat work even though the win rate isn't that high I believe


                                                      I Just Went 24/4 With Phoenix Off lane And Carried my entire Team Against A PA, Sven, Slark, Shadow Shaman, And Slardar. I'm pretty sure Phoenix needs to be on here, Fire spirits are just so strong.

                                                      MM.Ugh Brock Hall

                                                        haha you posted that on two articles


                                                          I've been having, great success with Legion in the Offlane, she can bully both the carry and support and get kills, she reaches lvl six easily and if the lane is pushed she can just hit the jungle and get back in lane once they pushed it again. If there is a haste or invis rune she can Gank mid or just good communication in your team, dive towers like it's nothing and win duels.

                                                          ✪ blaze

                                                            Furion is also hella good in 7.07. I have like, 100% winrate with him this patch.

                                                            ✪ blaze

                                                              also ench is destroying rn