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Ayuh Pijan!

    Nice post!!



      bleeding mmr

        Who doesn’t want to see 3 Ravages, 15 Sunstrikes, or a 105-second long Exorcism?

        Your enemies?


          "its a refreshing change"

          ba dum tshhhhh

          All is vain

            Played a 2,5 hour long match couple days ago that completely tells otherwise...we surrendered several roshans, most cheeses, aegis and shards were useless to the enemy team and we had a hell of a long stale mate.


              interesting article. Agree that the best part of refresher shard is that it requires no mana to activate.

              MM.Ugh Brock Hall

                The refresher shard was definitely the underdog item of the patch, but to say that we don't get new items often in dota is not true, and hasn't been true for quite some time. In the last 3 years alone we have gotten:

                Moon Shard / Octarine Core
                Iron Talon / Kaya
                Spirit Vessel / Glimmer Cape
                Wind Lace / Infused Raindrop
                Mango / Nullifier
                Aeon Disk / Crimson Guard
                Guardian Greaves / Boots of Travel 2
                Faerie Fire / Tome of Knowledge
                Blight Stone / Solar Crest
                Aether Lens / Lotus Orb
                Hurricane Pike / Dragon Lance
                Bloodthorn / Meteor Hammer
                Silver Edge / Echo Sabre

                That's 26 items if I didn't double down on any items.

                Enough crapping on a tiny sentence though. I'm not sure I like the concept of heroes having to rely on getting refresher shard to be viable picks though. That's asking a very specific thing to happen, and even though it is likely, it does seem to make the game feel like it hinges on too fine of a point. Sure, you have to position yourself to be able to get to that shard and get it to the right person, but in theory if you face a team that rests a pick on getting that shard you can just not kill rosh to prevent them getting closer to the shard. It feels at odds with the rest of the gameflow to me.

                I'd almost rather see Rosh give up cheese first, cheese and aegis on second, and a third item that applies cheese upon receiving fatal damage, and has no timer. It would mean heroes like DP wouldn't waste half their ult after being focused down and could keep it up for two whole lives. Players wouldn't have to choose between activating an ult now and hoping they don't die, or waiting to respawn, possibly after their team is already dead.

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                Bobby Corwen

                  I honestly have most games end before second roshan now, let alone the third. Most likely due to the fact that i'm in shit tier dota where drafts are garbage and teams steamroll after winning lanes.


                    'its a refreshing change' -couldn't resist, could you? ;)




                        Probanly being an idiot but if someone could explain the 3 roars / ravages / eclipses that would be great. Is that for refressher AND shard?

                        Wild Forest Daddy

                          It's actually 30 sunstrikes lol. Cataclysm creates 2 for each hero

                          MM.Ugh Brock Hall


                            yeah, first ravage, refresh, second, shard, third.


                              ez doto

                              PRACTICE GROUND

                                Hmm Refresher shard is a thing especially for shaman I'd say.


                                  Thanks Brock