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    This omni makes more sense than full no item omni that most pubs somehow think is the way Omniknight should be.

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      Atlast omni is one of favourite and my most played hero.though i haven't played it much on both rank and pub. Especially on this new ranking system hardly anyone wants to play support and its too toxic(Talking about SEA servers) tried to find guides but only found few and mostly outdated. Really looking forward for more Omniknight Competitive plays!


        just go on mine profile and look
        i never went omni on offlane, only support and it still goes preety well

        The Masochist

          since the diffusal blade nerf Omni Knight will surely become a top pick in pubs and Competative.

          Ryan Gosling

            uhhhh i dunno

            Cyclops, is an Astronomer!

              I'm here to comment.
              Mission accomplished

              burger time

                Honestly I think I the diffusal nerf was the biggest thing. Spell immunity is probably the most coveted thing in the game, and Omniknight is able to give a long spell immunity on a low CD. I expect more repel nerfs in the future.

                ching chong

                  ofc every fucking dota thread ever has to have SEA players complaining about their servers


                    that just shows how toxic it is. consider yourself lucky if you on a diff server.


                      bro i've moved to playing on EU W and having russians on my team is a relief, I tell you. SEA is ultimate cancer, the pinoys are 10x worse than russians. I've been finding games easier to win in EU W too. Everyone says that for a reason.


                        its shit build 4 omni

                        Wicked Law's Witch

                          Jungle Omniknight was the only way to play him

                          Adam Jensen

                            This handsome paladin fully deserves the place in pro games

                            Black Capped Chickadee

                              OH NO! he is going to get nerfed HARD! please give me back my good ol support omni


                                Омбик имба вновь.

                                Purist, the Omniknight.

                                  The Omniscience loves us all!