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Ras Al Ghul

    i was waiting for this post for so long, =), ty dotabuff (first)

    Enjoy that stolen money i...

      METEOR HAMMER a.k.a ratting item, very situational


        ty nice post


          My friends think I overvalue meteor hammer... I get it frequently on the likes of Death Prophet, Zeus, and Tinker (despite the fact that it can't be rearmed). It makes sieging structures on these nukers relevant (aside from Death Prophet whom can channel while spirits are striking a tower).


            Since i didnt see that here although i expected it:

            The best use of Meteorhammer that struck my mind is combining it on Treant Protextor with his ult. Not only can you channel the Meteor invisible, the Root from his ult also perfectly lines up with the cast time. It also gives treant two utility aspects, namely teamfight damage and pushing power, that come in very handy on an expectedly defensive / reactive support. The stats are useful to treant and it follows up his root with a stun, which prolongues the disable. It would come as no surprise to me, to see this item on Treants regularly in the future.

            TL;DR: Meteor Hammer + Treant Protector Ult = ARMAGEDDON

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              meteor hammer is niche because it sti works like pangolier olds ult or tp scrolls, who wouldn't want to cancel someone using item near you, letting them wasting mana and cooldown... if it can be rechanneled like current sf and pango ult, many would consider it a good item. and it couldn't be compared to epicenter sk ult, as 3 scnds channeling is way too long when u have to target an area within 600 range unlike tp.


                what im saying meteor hammer 3 scnds channeling should be changed to either 3 scnds cast time or 3 scnds delay


                  Where's the analysis on the new ranked system? That's the only thing anyone cares about right now.


                    Divine [5] <3

                    kunst 2


                      "New Ranked System.
                      By Kunst on November 24th, 2017

                      Medals = peak mmr trophies, party merged with solo."

                      A Wild Pikachu Has Appeared!

                        Same here, Divine(5), even valve changed the highest mmr ranking to my name, LUL

                        aikyu3 SuBi ♪

                          true, instead of 3 sec channeling, people may consider meteor hammer of it has 3 sec cast time.


                            Nice post, haven't bothered to read the full description of the new items in-game so far, definitely a good read.


                              Supports can use meteor hammer like a midas with better stats and a lower cooldown (although it has a channel time). It can be used to nuke either large camps or a creep wave to farm it quickly, giving supports that can't farm fast quick exp and gold.


                                Nullifier - such a waste of gold when you can buy HEX


                                  Meteor Hammer is meh... Aeon Disk really good in certain situations. Kaya OP. Nullifier good late game.

                                  dirmaoURSO 90%

                                    Fala galera, esse texto foi traduzido para galera que fala Portugues em:


                                      I've had a match before against a Riki with Meteor Hammer. It was... interesting.


                                        I think Kaya need nerf.


                                          @chocobanana I tried to do that using Disruptor, but I think it wasn't worth it to farm 2600 gold for support is hell lots, and ogre club staff wizardy is heavy to get.
                                          Still a good followup after my combo tho and decent pushing power

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                                            old town road

                                              Есть русские?


                                                Meteor Hammer makes for a useful tool in Ability Draft when you forget to take a farming/pushing item and you don't want to get a maelstrom.