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    ice x3 god

    Stone Cold Steve Austin

      It's definitely a nice addition to keep in mind, but will be probably obsolete by the middle of next week.

      Sieg Klas

        Че за вброс с д2ру ?

        ♂️Altered fitter♂

          100500 постов без перевода)каеф

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              lmao, i already played like dis, year ago


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                  Incoming spike in pick rate


                    Just played ww offlane ...

                    Brünk Hüll

                      It almost seems like if her cooldowns were a little smaller she would be a better anti-mid hero. As it stands, there are so many other choices that can fill the same goal in the offlane but come online a lot faster. I mean, until you have Aghs, her damage isn't REALLY online. More than anything this seems like a total cheese move, but if you really need that ultimate and you have a relatively late game timing window (her skills really work well at deterring fights) then this can catch people off guard.

                      But yeah, her aghs is likely to change which will totally kill this strat off.

                      _discord kitten_

                        Would be nice if you could include the hero's stats when it comes to posts like these. It'd save us some time looking at the heroes page just to check the talents - and possibly other trivial stats like MS, turn rate, etc..


                          Winters curse IMBA.... try winning a fight 4v5


                            this needs to stop, dotabuff. shit like this ruins my mmr


                              Finally an enlight of current meta.
                              Thanks a lot, Dotabuff, much appreciated!

                              Kevin Gates

                                Who's overly excited for this Green Meta shit to go away?

                                Necro and Veno are cancer. Pugna doesn't bother me as much, but the first two. Gawddddd


                                  long live abbadon!

                                  Story Time

                                    do not make it a trend! Pls delete the knowledge so no one finds out, thank you


                                      We want morph back petition make a comment supporting the old morph :


                                        Ice ice had troll in his team


                                          oh i like strong wyvern. But splinter is bad, should lvl once at lvl 4 and forget till you max flight. Then build medallion. Solar Crest was pretty good until the armor nerf, as it boosts your damage, survivability, utility, ultimate power, farming speed and mana regen. I guess it's still not bad. Then, go for skadi. It gives you mana for scepter flight, super slow from burn and survivability with a bit of damage. To farm faster, splitpush side lanes if possible. Stay near trees, so at first sight of an enemy you just fly there, and TP out(you have to not waste burn on creeps for that). After this, go for scepter. With this power, participate in all fights you can. While yor damage may be lacking on low-health targets(compared to Sniper) your utility is ten times higher. Don't forget to escape through trees if necessary.

                                          BELLA DANGER

                                            chto za trash


                                              я это делал сам , без всяких гайдов)